How news outlets got Afghan colleagues out of Kabul

How news outlets got Afghan colleagues out of Kabul British troops are removing British citizens and eligible Afghans after armed groups seized control of the capital, Kabul.

So far 10 people have said that 606 British nationals and 2,052 Afghans have been evacuated.

One British aid worker thought he was “lucky” to escape, but we said “don’t forget Afghanistan.”

How news outlets got Afghan colleagues out of Kabul Kitty Chevalier, a 24-year-old charity worker from Basingstoke, Hampshire, left Kabul on Monday morning on a British eviction flight.

He said he knew how Afghanistan could help him “very lucky” when other people, including friends and colleagues, were stuck.

“When we drove there at 04:00, hundreds of Afghan families crowded the runway,” he told the PA Media News Agency.

“It was a weird moment to fly away. I didn’t know when I would be back or what the city would be like and what it would be like when I got back.”

Kitty Chevalier, a social worker in Basingstoke, Hampshire
Image Source Chevalier
Photo caption British social worker Kitty Chevalier leaves Kabul on Monday morning on a flight to evict the British
Mrs Chevalier has been working at Afghanide in Kabul since September last year, a British-registered charity that promotes women’s rights and provides clean water and sanitation to the Afghan people.
He described being abroad as “weird”, but the “real tragedy” was “talking to friends and colleagues who were unlikely to leave the country and had a lot to lose.” “.

“I’ve done everything I can to get them to go, but I see that it’s possible and most of them have been given the opportunity to go on a UN flight tomorrow.” ..

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Afghans who worked with Western authorities and the group were concerned that the risk of retaliation by the Taliban could increase, but the group denied this could happen.

The message from the Taliban was that there was no “danger” from them, but he said he had heard some examples of “terrible” aid workers receiving “threat messages and even death threats.”

He called on the UK to “increase, not decrease” aid to Afghanistan, and set emergency criteria that would allow people to return to the UK “to include aid workers and civil society workers, especially women.” He said it needs to be expanded.

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