Inside Andrew Cuomo retaliation machine

Inside Andrew Cuomo retaliation machine According to ABC, the first woman to publicly accuse New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) of sexual harassment is planning to sue her for revenge.

Inside Andrew Cuomo retaliation machine Lindsay Boylan, who works at the New York State Economic Development Board, repeatedly tweeted in December opposing the governor, saying he had sexually harassed her for years.

Boyle’s lawyer, Jill Basinger, said Wednesday that he would sue Kuomo and his intimate adviser after the release of a report by New York State Attorney General Letia James (D). ..

“There is no doubt that Lindsay was harassed, confronted with a hostile work environment and humiliated,” Basinger told Good Morning America on Thursday.

“But most troublingly, he took revenge not only from the governor, but also from his inner circle inside and outside the government,” Basinger said. “There was a complete conspiracy to harm him and undermine his credibility and we consider this to be the most offensive part of it all.”

Basinger said he was confident the process would succeed.

“The attorney general and investigators investigate all the incidents and after conducting a thorough investigation see if there is a 100% revenge on Lindsay, and if there isn’t,” he said. I did.

According to James, Cuomo’s top aide, Melissa Delosa, told Alfonso David, who had previously worked for Cuomo, to accuse the governor of sexual harassment in Boylan’s “complete file” after Boylan’s December tweet. David then handed over some internal memoranda about Boylan to reporters.

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“Since Lindsay was the first, the governor had to send a message,” Basinger told the New York Times. “He had to send a message to all the other survivors there that this would happen when you go against the machine in the governor’s office.”

An independent investigation report launched by James found that Kuomo sexually harassed 11 women. After James and his team presented the results of the report, he denied it in a video message.

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