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Inter Milan Claimed Their 8th Italian Cup on Wednesday

Inter Milan won their eighth Italian Cup on Wednesday, Against Juventus 4-2 in extra time, full of events and controversy.

Ivan Peri sic secured a thrilling victory with a double in the first half of extra time but the match was postponed on a soft-standard penalty which gave Hakan Calhanoglu the lead in the 90th minute.

At the start of the second half, Alex Sandro and Dusan Vlahovic’s quick goals gave Juve the lead, and referee Paolo Valerie’s decision to give a spot-kick after Lautered Martinez had angered Massimiliano Allegri’s side with a slight touch from Leonardo Bonacci.

Peri sic told Media set, “I always thought we could do it, even when we were 2-1 … We lost our heads for 10 or 15 minutes but we fought and I think we deserved to win. “Peri sic told Media set. .

This is another success for Juventus after another controversial win for Inter Milan last month in Turin and their defeat in the Italian Super Cup at the start of the season and will encourage them to defend their Serie A title.

Simon Insight’s side have beaten AC Milan by two points and could be handed over to their local rivals Scudetto on Sunday if they do not beat the exile-threatening Cagliari on Sunday.

Juventus, meanwhile, only qualify for the Champions League to show up in an up-and-down season, but they didn’t want to say anything about the penalty decision that denied them the trophy.

But since then Juve have been a good team and should have at least taken a break if they hadn’t moved on.

Paolo Dybala showed signs of early life in the 23rd minute when his low shot was comfortably defended.

After a while the Argentine fed Vlahovich who needed a smart response from Samir Radanovich for a strong, angular drive to keep out.

Matthijs de Ligt A header was well saved in his half-hour mark and it seemed to the whole world that Dybala would take a worthy leveler if the next corner was kind to him, but he cut his first strike massively.

Juve soon turned the match around in his head, although Sandro equalized five minutes after the break when Alvaro Morata missed his shot with Handanovic’s hand as he tried to deflect the ball.

Juve’s fans jumped up and a few seconds later the edge of their ground exploded with joy, after Vlaovich finished the four-match dry spell in front of the goal and flew to Dibala’s goal.

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