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iPhone 13 could be coming in September

iPhone 13 Apple’s iPhone 12 has been out since its last fall, and a new iPhone called iPhone 13 could be released in September for Apple’s next event. With the iPhone 13 likely to arrive in a few months, what does buying an iPhone 12 mean now?

The iPhone 12 or the upcoming iPhone SE 3 may be a good option depending on your personal preferences and budget. But things are getting a bit more complicated because the next version is coming soon.

iPhone 13 So it makes sense that you go further. But don’t stress. Do this guide when you need to go one way or the other. This way you can be sure you’ve made the right call.

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If you’re still using an older iPhone, an instant upgrade to an iPhone 12 makes a lot of sense.

Sara T / CNET
Are you using an old, old iPhone?
One of the best reasons to buy a new phone is that your current phone is hopelessly old. If you own an iPhone 11, upgrading to an iPhone 12 now is probably not the right solution. You won’t see much of a difference in performance and features, especially compared to what’s coming with the iPhone 13. However, if you can hang in until September, you’ll have a chance to reward your patience.

For owners of older iPhones like the iPhone X series, Calculus gives you an advanced A14 bionic processor, along with an OELD display, to upgrade to a much different iPhone 12. These two improvements from just a few years ago represent a massive upgrade to the phone.

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Requires 5G speed
Wireless 5G is not available everywhere and its capabilities have come under a little more pressure. That said, the iPhone 12 is the first and currently the only iPhone compatible with 5G. So if you have a burning desire to connect to and access 5G cellular networks, the iPhone 12 will immediately scratch that itch. Of course, the iPhone 13 will likely be tied to 5G, so the wait is even better.

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Living with a damaged iPhone screen is never fun.

Jame Martin / CNET
Cracked Screens, Bad Batteries, and More New Reasons to Buy a New iPhone Now
Survival with a device that has been damaged or malfunctions is fair. For example, it’s hard to ignore a fragmented screen because you see errors every day. The same goes for a failing battery that cannot hold that much charge at once. If your iPhone suffers from this kind of depressing issue, then it’s right to upgrade to an iPhone 12 immediately.

The iPhone 12’s ceramic solder screen held up well in our torture test.

Chris Parker / CNET
IPhone 12 has a ceramic display
One of the biggest improvements to the iPhone 12 is its display component. Apple calls it “ceramic solder” glass. Made in Corning, the phone screen coated ceramic solder glass is harder than most metals. In fact, we can confirm the firmness of the ceramic shield of the iPhone 12. When we test it, the handset presents itself brilliantly. So if you are a huge mess and are in danger of slipping and falling, spring is a wise move for this current iPhone. Those who think they can avoid accidents can wait until September. The iPhone 13 will likely ship with a ceramic field.

New features at work
The iPhone 13 certainly lacks the iPhone 12 with all new features. If the rumor is correct, the device will feature a 120Hz display and be the first iPhone to do so. At the moment, the iPhone 12’s screen has a refresh rate of 60Hz. Fast refresh rates will result in smooth and faster scrolling in apps and websites. Apple will likely increase the iPhone 13’s camera as well, which the company does every year. Also, keep in mind that Apple only provides software updates to its phones for a limited time. Wait too long and you will end up being stuck on the d

iPhone 13

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