Israel, the government is the end of Netanyahu’s long rule

JERUSALEM (AP) – Israel is set to swear in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday amid a new opposition to the 12-year term in office and a political crisis that erupted after a record four elections in two years.

Naftali Bennett will take over as prime minister of a small ultranationalist party. But he wants to continue working, but he will maintain a strong alliance of political rights, left and center.

A small Arab faction sitting in the ruling coalition making history The eight parties, united in their opposition to Netanyahu and the new election but slightly different agree. They are more likely to find that a modest agenda has been discussed to reduce and maintain good relations with the United States in tension with Palestine without launching any major initiatives.

Netanyahu, who remains on trial for corruption, remains the largest party chief in parliament and is expected to vigorously oppose the new government. If only one faction bolts, it could lose its majority and risk falling, leaving him open to return to power.

But Yohanan Plesner, president of the Israel Democracy Institute, a non-partisan think tank, said the new government would probably appear more stable than it was.

“Even though it has a very narrow majority, it will be very difficult to read down and replace because the opposition is not the coordinator,” he said. Each party in the alliance must prove that it must defend, and that they need “time and success.”

Still, Netanyahu will “continue to cast a shadow,” Plesner said. He expects the incoming opposition leader to exploit the incident and raise legislation that would like to support members of the right-wing coalition but can’t – to the dismay of all of them.

It is clear that Netanyahu will attend the ceremony or when he will not be removed from the official residence. He accused Bennett of rigging the new government in terms of apocalypse by running as a right-wing indomitable and then cheating voters by partnering with the left.

Netanyahu’s pro-rival parliament, which says they have received death threats naming their family members, has held angry protests outside the home. Israel’s Shin Bazi issued a rare public warning about the persuasion of the internal security service earlier this month, saying it could lead to violence.

When noticed, he has been a target condemning Netanyahu’s persuasion.

His place in Israeli history has been secure, having served as prime minister for a total of 15 years – including the founder of any other country, David Ben-Gurion.

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