Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is preparing for a political shakeup in the expected departure

With Israel sworn in as a new government, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to have a long and often rocky term. An improbable alliance that includes, for the first time, a party from Israel to the Arab minority: in its place. It is a political shock that can cut its own work.

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– Tomorrow is a new day for Israel. With a new government to be sworn in, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to have a long and often stony term. In its place, there will be an unlikely alliance that has for the first time a party from Israel’s Arab minority. It’s a political shakeup that won’t cut out his work for himself. Charlie D’Agata reports.

Charlie de Agata: Violence erupts again on the streets of East Jerusalem. The riot police disappeared the unconscious grenades of Palestinian protesters. Trigger this time, right-wing politician Itamar Ben Gvir is contesting the planned police postponement of the march. Why did you decide to come today?

Charlie de Agata bricks Jerusalem, he said. It makes our country and our capital. Hamas militants call it provocative and aggressive. And while small in scale, they are just waiting for the street war to quickly engulf Gaza into a full-blown conflict last month.

Sunday marked a dark sign ahead of the volatile days on which Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pushed out of record 12 years in power, as a new government sworn in Israel. Netanyahu has called for the worst electoral fraud in the history of democracy and has been accused of inciting violence among his hottest supporters. Former Prime Minister Ehud Barak has said he would like to acknowledge that Netanyahu has been in power for some time.

Ehud Barak: You came back three months after Netanyahu left office, and people will not believe how quickly he left the focus on the interests of the people and how he has achieved profound change.

Charlie de Agata: In the first serious test for the new government, police allowed the right-wing march to take place on Tuesday. That risks not only street clashes but retaliatory Hamas rocket attacks. CBS this morning Saturday, Charlie D’Agata, Tel Aviv.

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