Jack Brooksbank after a controversial boat photo

Jack Brooksbank after a controversial boat photo Ala Ferguson came to the rescue of his son-in-law, Jack Brooksbank, after pictures surfaced of a few women who were not his wife, Princess Eugenie, drinking on a boat in Capri.

On Saturday, the Daily Mail published a photo of Brooks Bank swimming in the Tyrrhenian Sea while sipping roses on a traditional tidal Gozo boat off the coast of Amalfi.

 Jack Brooksbank after a controversial boat photo She joined the boat trip with three female friends. The friend’s name was identified as Rachel Jaris, global director of Casamigos, and models like Erica Perosini and Maria Bucherti.

Prior to the UNICEF summer gala sponsored by the alcohol brand, the new father was in Italy as the brand ambassador for the celebrity tequila company Casa Migos, founded by George Clooney and Randy Garber. According to the Daily Mail, Princess Eugenie did not travel with her husband because she has now returned to Windsor to take care of her five-month-old baby.

But while performing on the BBC One-on-One show on Monday, the brand ambassador’s mother-in-law came to her defense and Brooksbank explained that she was “just doing her job”.

Ferguson says: He is one of my favorite people. I actually call him James Bond. “He continued.” He’s a superhero in my book, he’s a great dad, a great husband, he’s never been in front of the house, he always likes to be behind. “Totally unreasonable. It’s really important to clean it up. ”

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Jack Brooksbank after a controversial boat photo

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