Wednesday , 29 September 2021

Japan to sand 1.4m more jobs in August

Japan to sand 1.4m more jobs in August President Biden on Wednesday issued an executive order to review four major global supply chains to avoid shortages of semiconductors, medical equipment and other products considered important during the ongoing Covid-1 pandemic epidemic. I signed it.

Japan to sand 1.4m more jobs in August This review is conducted on the basis of concern that American industry is overly dependent on foreign suppliers, especially from China.

The order began an annual review of six sectors: energy, food production, information technology, defense, public health and transportation, to determine its dependence on foreign imports.

According to White House officials, the review “models the process that the Department of Defense regularly uses to evaluate and strengthen the foundations of its defense industry.”

The White House further said that the strategy of changing the supply chain depends on the identified shortcomings, so it is not currently “moving something off the table”.

An executive told Politico, an American political journalism organization:

News comes from automakers across the United States that there is a global shortage of semiconductors, computer chips used in almost every technology we use, which is a huge confusion for automakers.

Ford and Volkswagen entered the battery supply chain after informing the U.S. government that Korean battery supplier SK Innovation would have to suspend production of the new electric vehicle line if it was deported due to intellectual property theft.

Biden’s order is based on the efforts of former President Trump’s administration to make US industry more dependent on domestic production.

Biden is now focusing on the semiconductor industry, as China’s integrated circuit output grew by 1.2.2% in 2020 and from .2.2% in 2019-2019.

Japan to sand 1.4m more jobs in August

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