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Japan warns of unprecedented COVID spread

Japan warns of unprecedented COVID spread Coronavirus infections are skyrocketing at an unprecedented rate as Japan reached record highs in Tokyo on Wednesday, overshadowing the Olympics and questioning the government’s response to the epidemic.

Japan warns of unprecedented COVID spread Health Minister Narihisa Tamura defended a new policy of quarantining mildly ill patients at home instead of going to the hospital, saying delta variations have caused “unseen in the past” to spread.

“The epidemic has entered a new phase … we can’t take people to the hospital without adequate beds. We are working carefully,” Tamura told Congress.

However, he hinted at the possibility of bringing back the policy, as the decision to ask some sick people to stay at home has been criticized by medical professionals for endangering their lives.

“If you don’t get the expected results, you can bring the policy back,” Tamura said, adding that the policy change is a step towards tackling the unexpected and rapid spread of a new form. Paddy fields.

The number of coronavirus cases in Japan is increasing rapidly. Tokyo recorded a record 4,166 new cases on Wednesday. According to public broadcaster NHK, there have been more than 14,200 new cases across the country.

Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga said Monday that only Kovid-1 patients at risk of serious illness would be hospitalized and other patients would need to be isolated at home.

Liberal Party officials have agreed to call for the policy to be withdrawn, the Gigi News Agency reported Wednesday, adding that opposition lawmakers have joined similar calls.

In response to the criticism, Mr. Suga told reporters on Wednesday that the new hospital admissions policy has been noticed in areas like Tokyo where COVID-19 cases are growing rapidly and are not integrated across the country.

“We explain our policy thoroughly and want public understanding,” he said.

The protests are another blow to Sugar, whose epidemic support has waned ahead of this year’s general election.

Opinion polls show that while many Japanese oppose hosting the Olympics, efforts to control the epidemic and vaccinate the public have been delayed.

Suga and Olympic organizers said there was no connection between July 23 and August. 8 games and case growth.

However, senior medical adviser Shigeru Omi told Congress that the conference could affect public sentiment and erode the impact of requesting people to stay home.

He said the imposition of a national emergency could be an alternative to dealing with the epidemic. A state of emergency has already been declared not only in Tokyo but also in some prefectures.

The NHK said the government would expand semi-emergency measures to cover more parts of the country.

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“Political leaders are sincerely sending a message to the public, but they are probably not as strong and consistent as their expectations,” Omi said. “COVID-19 clusters are expanding, including schools and offices.”

Japan warns of unprecedented COVID spread

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