Japanese New Year’s Eve 72nd Red and White Songs Combat Show Cass, Song Repertoire

Japanese New Year’s Eve 72nd Red and White Songs Combat Show Cass, Song Repertoire

Red and White Songs Combat Show Cass
Red and White Songs Combat Show Cass

To welcome the new year, red and white singing competitions are held in Japan at the end of each year. This year’s red and white song competition has reached the 72nd round and the audience has reopened for admission. And because of the construction of the NHK concert hall, the red and white singing competition moved to Chioda, Tokyo. It was held at the Tokyo International Forum Hall in the district. In addition to the location, this red and white song war has also abolished the split method. The following hosts have a lineup and a set of different values. At the same time, red and white were further “colored” and the logo was changed to a red and white gradient with multiple values. 2022 marks the beginning of the 72nd Red and White War in Japan. The live streaming channels in Japan are NHK Integrated Channel, NHK World Premium, NHK Radio 1st Frequency, and Japan Radio International. Taiwan Wei can wait to come to Japan. The channel will be broadcast with full Chinese subtitles.

The host does not split bonus and white groups and the gradient logo supports multiple values
In the past, the organizers of the red and white song war were divided into red group hosts, white group hosts and full hosts. However, the red and white team hosts were canceled this year, and they all called themselves “hosts”. At the same time, this year’s red and white also changed the traditional icon of the red and white circle logo to a rectangle. The gradient, which aims to echo the “colorful ~ colorful” theme, can make the world as “colorful” as possible by the end of 2021 and recognize the value of multiple concepts.

The 72nd Red and White War had 3 hosts, namely Haruna Kawaguchi, Hiroshi Oizumi and Mayuko Hisada. Among them, Oizumi Hiroshi took the presidency twice in a row and Kawaguchi Haruna took the first red. And the stick of the white president.

This year’s red and white hosts are no longer divided into red and white groups, and the logo is gradually being presented in a rectangular shape.

Performance cast, song order, special plan anime song
There are 10 choirs of singers who made their debut in the 72nd Red and White Song Match, including KAT-TUN and DISH // from the red group. In addition, Snow Man, an emerging boys team led by Janice, has canceled their performances. Rosiblanco will make his debut on the stage again.

In addition to performances by red and white singers, the latest project for this period was “Color ~ Bringing Courage Tomorrow”. The brand brings value to the world through music. The planned performances will be performed by the soundtrack of “Dragon Quest” by the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra, with Lisa singing the main theme of “Demon Slayer: Blade” stage version “Fire” and finally Yoko Takahashi singing the main theme. “Neo Evangelion” “The Cruel Angels Action Program.”

(number of appearances in parentheses)




Awesome City Club (beginning)

Kami Shiraishi Moe sound (beginning)

Toumi Sakamoto (33)

Sakurazaka 46 (2)


Events (2)

NiziU (2)

Nogizaka 46 (7)

Perfume (14)

BiSH (initial)


p0 p0 MISIA(6)

Water Mori かおり(19)


millennium parade × Belle (Nakamura Yoshio) (early)





KAT-TUN (initial)

Guan Jidian ∞ (10)

King & Prince (4)



_p0 4)

Masayuki Suzuki (4)

SixTONES (2)

Snow Man (initial)

DISH// (initial)


Hikawa (2)


Fukuyama Masaharu (14)

span5spa n Hoshino Gen (7)

Hotei Totaru (first)

まふまふ (first)

Miyama ひろしし (7)

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