Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin set for Texas spaceflight launch Tuesday

Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin
Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin

Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin  Cape Canaveral, Florida – Almost a decade ago, Jeff Bezos’ spaceflight company Blue Origin got stuck in a scuffle over the use of a historic NASA launch pad at Kennedy Space. Center.

Bezos wanted on Pad 39 – the host of Apollo 11 and since the withdrawal from the NASA shuttle program, several agencies and their rockets have dozens of space shuttle missions. After offers and protests, the company finally chose Elon Musk’s SpaceX to rent Florida’s most prestigious pad.

Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin  During the fight for the 39A, Kasturi said in an interview in 2013 that SpaceX would consider sharing the pad if Blue Origin could produce a standard vehicle within five years. He told SpaceNews: “In a real sense, I think we’re more likely to dance flaming unicorns.”

On December 11, 2016, a Blue Origin New Shepard rocket and capsule were launched from the company’s launch site in West Texas.
Bezos did not receive the tampon. But after that, his company shifted its focus a few miles south and gained a distinct advantage, spending over $ 11 billion to convert the 336 launch complex to the exact specifications of the upcoming New Glen rocket. Blue Origin’s personal advantage in Texas, meanwhile, is that the new Shepard rocket has been launched more than a dozen times since 2015 without coarse grains.

And now Bezos himself is ready to touch the space and give his business the ultimate support by piloting his new touring-focused Shepard vehicle for the first time. The opening of the NS-1 Central Doubd Central Time at 8:30 a.m. will feature her brother Mark, longtime advocate of the women’s space, Wally Funk and Oliver Dimen, the winner of the fourth seat auction of the capsule. The crew covers two age-related records: both the oldest (Funk, 62) and the youngest (Damen, 16).

In the end, the 39 pad overpad competition was one of the many important moments that paved the way for Bezos, 57, to continue investing time and money, the latter always being the income. from Amazon. In the case of the hire of Spree to contract from engine testing, the travel company has bought over 20 years for the time being – and Tuesday’s opening will be its highest profile, setting the timing of today. hui.

Take a peek inside: plenty of elbow room and the biggest window in space on Jeff Bezos’ new Shepard rocket

Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin

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