Joyjatra tv lacks valid documents:RAB

Joyjatra tv lacks valid documents:RAB The Immediate Response Squadron (ABAB) was unable to find a valid document to manage Jayatra IPTV, and was recently dismissed from a subcommittee of the Awami League during the Jayatra IPTV raid with Helena Jahangil. The judge said.

Joyjatra tv lacks valid documents:RAB According to media reports, members of the elite army attacked the Jayatra Television Office in Mirpur-11 at around 2:30 pm on Friday.

According to RAB Justice of the Peace Nadir Shah, a preliminary interrogation after Helena Jahangir’s arrest revealed that she had an IPTV called Joyjatra.

“Informed, an assault was carried out at the Jayayatra TV office in Mirpur. All the necessary equipment was in place, but there were no valid documents on the channel.”

Members of the RAB may be said to have raided her home in the capital Gulshan on Thursday night and seized foreign liquor and casino equipment from Helena.

Helena Jahangil, a former member of the Awami League Subcommittee on Detained Women, does not have valid documentation on IPTV.

RAB Chief Executive Nadir Shah said this on Friday morning.

He said the TV could be turned off at any time when valid documents were not available.

Nadir Shah said: “We were open for about four hours on a television station in Mirpur until Friday morning. However, authorities were unable to view the document for television. They have been verbally warned. If the document is not displayed , The TV may be turned off.

Former quick response corps

Joyjatra tv lacks valid documents:RAB

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