Kentucky police rescuing
Kentucky police rescuing

The video shows Kentucky police rescuing the teenager after the abduction

Kentucky police rescuing
Kentucky police rescuing

Kentucky police rescuing  In Louisville, Kentucky, police rescued a one-year-old girl who was pulled from her bicycle and put in a car just minutes before a kidnapping last week, officials and eyewitnesses said.

Body cam video released by police on Thursday shows the moment on July 2, when officer Jason Barba approached the red sedan after the suspect was in custody and opened the passenger door to see the boy.

Kentucky police rescuing  The officer says “Hello!” And reassures him before picking him up and walking towards the police car. The physically injured child is heard to say: “I love my father!”

“When I got close to the car, I didn’t know what was going on behind the door. The windows, the awning was so dark,” Baruba told NBC’s Approved Wave in Louisville.

Robbie Wilde, 40, was arrested and charged with kidnapping. Online court records show no attorney could speak on his behalf and his home phone number was not immediately available on Thursday night.

Neighbors told Wave that after a man pulled the boy off the bike, they came to the back of the car and handed the three-digit license plate to the police, which they gave to the police.


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In an interview with the radio station WHSA, Sergeant. Joe Kelling submitted witnesses to provide a good description of the vehicle and partial license plate numbers.

Kelling told the station that he stopped on a road, saw the car and followed it until it entered the driveway followed Keling said he instructed the driver to exit at gunpoint and the driver obeyed. He said it took about 9 minutes for the accused to be abducted to find the car and the girl.

Burba, who is a father, said most of the officers who responded also had children.

“As the earth stops,” he said. “It takes hours like every second”

Kentucky police rescuing

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