Lil Baby
Lil Baby

Lil Baby praised Logan Paul for criticizing her music

Lil Baby
Lil Baby

Lil Baby responds to comments Logan Paul made about her music after the recent re-release of a year-long clip from her podcast.

“Lil Baby will appear on my Spotify … I’m scrolling and can’t escape Lil Baby’s songs,” Paul said impulsively in an earlier episode of his podcast. “I’m in favor of completely new artists, but I have no idea what he’s saying, especially to this one. I have none. And everything sounds the same, its tone is the same, all the same everything I give one year. ”

Lil Baby He made the remarks while discussing modern music with his co-hosts, at which point he suggested that the music is now “so saturated”. The conversation about Lil Baby took place shortly after the release of her 2020 album My Turn which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart. Last month, Lil Baby released her collaborative album with Lil Durac, Heroes, which debuted at number one on the same list.

Eventually the child found out about the clip and went to respond on Twitter. “Who is Logan?” “It’s like giving them 100mm for another year.”


Paul, meanwhile, is no stranger to bad language. He got into trouble just like last month, when he suggested he could face boxing legend Mike Tyson. Speaking of which, again, in his podcast, Paul suggested that he be confident of taking Iron Mike because he survived eight rounds in the ring with Floyd Mayweather.

“Then when discussing a potential opponent, he said,‘ Someone mentioned Mike Tyson. “” My lawyer brought it up and said, ‘No, Tyson will blow your head off, you have no chance.’ I have gone through all this. You can’t tell me I can’t kill Mike Tyson. He’s old, old, he said in the past that he’s not interested in fighting Logan or his brother Jack Paul.

In other Lil Baby news, the rapper announced last month that he would be touring with his The Voice of Heroes collaborator Lil Dork this fall. The 23rd tour will begin on September 1 at the MAFINITY Center in Manfield and end on October 15 at the ITINK Financial Amphitheater in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Lil Baby

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