Loki ’reveals that Marvel Villain is the first publicly bisexual character in the latest episode of MCU

See, supervillain depending on your point or, – Marvel Studio has its first official LGBTQIA ++ superhero.

The Disney Plus series “Loki,” Nastami was established on the pages of Marvel Comics as his supporter of what is long, that he is bisexual in the most recent episode of Tom Hiddleston’s nominal god (or, just as likely, pansexual).

It’s a conversation between Loki and a Loki “alternate” named Sylvie (Sophia de Martino), who revealed herself at the end of last week’s episode, just as she did when she took revenge on the Variance Authority and launched her grand scheme. As they sit on a train waiting to land at a critical destination, the discussion turns to love. Sylvie says she’s been in a “serious, long-distance relationship with a peon” as she skitters through time and across apocalypses avoiding detection by TVA. Then he asked Loki, is he paramour?

“You’re a prince,” he said. “There have been various future princesses.” Then, his an intelligent jump eyebrow: “Or maybe another prince.”

After a beat Loki says, “One bit both – I suspect you the same.”

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It’s a quiet moment that passes quickly, as Loki and Sylvie’s Rising Roadblocks series plan to escape the planet of Lamentis 1’s conviction in the crash. But seeing as Pride comes in the month – and on a planet bisexual flag, pink purple and deep blue color monotonous – it certainly seems like Marvel Studios admits that its casual revelation of sexuality Loki carries significant meaning for many LGBTQIA + fans.

And yet, in 2021, it feels a little strange, unless it embraces the superhero TV show to celebrate this fast-paced recognition as there are many other examples of fierce presentation milestones. As The CW’s “Batwoman” centers on two lesbian superheroes – Kate Kane (Season 1 as Ruby Rose, and Wallis Day Season 2) and Ryan Wilder (Javicia Leslie). Similarly, as on “The CW” “Supergirl,” the nominal protagonist sister Alex (Chyler Le) was gay and had multiple students; Season 4, the show’s first trans superhero on TV, Dreamer (played by trans actor Nicole Maines) debuted.
Matt Bomer plays gay superhero Larry Trainor on HBO Max “Destiny Patrol.” Jefferson Pierce’s daughter Anissa (Nafessa Williams) is a lesbian “Black Lightning”; William (Ben Lewis), son of Oliver Quinn, is “arrow” gay. Explores how Amazon’s “boys” Queen Maeve (Dominic McElligott) had ended his relationship with his girlfriend for fear of being outed; In contrast to this “unbeaten”, the nominal heroic gay best friend William (Andrew Rannells) is very out and proud.

That superhero story is publicly far from a comprehensive accounting of LGBTQIA characters, but when we turn the lens from Marvel Studios, the picture gets deeper and smaller. “Avengers of War:” starring director Joe Rosso, the gay man there. Tessa Thompson says her “Thor: Ragnarok” character was bisexual, but no mention of her was dropped from the film. And that’s almost it.

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