Louis Vuitton's Hideous Speaker Looks Like a UFO
Louis Vuitton's Hideous Speaker Looks Like a UFO

Louis Vuitton’s Hideous Speaker Looks Like a UFO

Louis Vuitton's Hideous Speaker Looks Like a UFO
Louis Vuitton’s Hideous Speaker Looks Like a UFO

Louis Vuitton’s Hideous Speaker Looks Like a UFO ,Sometimes you see an expensive gadget and think, “Oh shit this is really expensive, but considering the design, all the features, the novelty and the build quality, it’s probably worth it. the penalty ”. This never happens when luxury brands want to take a stand on tech games.

There are dozens of examples of why luxury brands are going tech, but the latest is the Louis Vuitton UFO-shaped speaker at 2890.

Dubbed Louis Vuitton’s Horizon Light Up speaker, this thing is “inspired” by the brand’s Tapi handbag. Unfortunately, that means it’s an ugly and extravagant leather cone. LV has disguised a lot of flashy marketing on its site, claiming that it “restores the world of portable audio” into something that doubles as a metal and leather “work of art”, featuring the logo of LV.

Louis Vuitton’s Hideous Speaker Looks Like a UFO The brand will also want you to trust this metallic and leather cone with monogrammed designs and a total of 35 LEDs as a discreet travel companion.

You see, art is thematic and fashion is incredibly personal. Maybe you look at this thing and think, “Ah, the picture of art …!” I don’t agree with modesty, but respect that you have your own sense of taste. If this speaker has respectable glasses, I can bow my head too. But as far as I know, you’re paying $ 2,790 for the Louis Vuitton brand and $ 100 for a bluetooth speaker.

This item has a 3 inch pad, two 0.75 inch Twitter, Qualcomm QCS 404 chip, 15 hours of listening time, three microphones, and a maximum height of 89 dB SPL at 1 meter. It supports Bluetooth, WiFi and AirPlay. This is where you can find Amazon Echo, Nest Audio, or literally any decent portable Bluetooth player in the $ 100-200 range. Did I mention he weighs 2.2 pounds? That’s about twice the weight of other portable speakers.

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It would be foolish to expect a high fashion branded gadget to be reasonably priced to match the ensemble. You pay for the exclusivity and for the kind of person who throws something like that and says, “Oh, sorry honey, that old thing? It’s Louis Vuitton. Technical capacity or functionality is a thought, until it is minimal. speakers that cannot stand upright without a docking station, weigh significantly more, and come without an IP rating, are certainly portable speakers that can be reused as “discreet” speakers.

Cancel the already odious Olympics
Louis Vuitton is no stranger to this kind of stunt gadget. Last year, the brand manufactured 1,190 Horizon wireless headphones. Before that, he was making a silly handbag with soft screens sewn into the sides. He also got a War OS watch from 7,700. (Spooler: it has the same space as War OS smartwatches which cost less than half the price)) If that kind of stunt doesn’t work, it will be a thing. But for some reason he does.

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This is how collectible insects and the thrill of the hunt for a rare item seem to bite. For some things, it’s understandable. For example, retro technology has value as a way to preserve history and nostalgia. But luxury watches are things that you keep for a long time. You’re paying for crafts, for something you can probably afford – part of an investment, so to speak. Gadgets are ruled by planned obsolescence. It’s a racket. These luxury brands can make a limited edition Super Mario watch that offers no technical idea and the hypebites will randomize them in minutes to resell them for a higher price than astronomy. Technology is changing, and these things have given you noses to become a year or two old and unnecessary – but brands? Brands do.

Louis Vuitton’s Hideous Speaker Looks Like a UFO

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