Low taxes bring prosperity to Ireland. The Global Tax Deal is now under threat.

Over the years, Ireland has made the journey from setting up large operations on the shores of what some of the largest U.S. firms to lowest tax rates have portrayed.

Now, an effort to stop the tax-avoidance scheme is threatening Dublin in a US-led international agreement with Washington to set a minimum tax rate for large multinational corporations and reallocating tax rights to some of the countries where goods and services are sold rather than where they are made.

Over the past two decades, multinational businesses have been crowded in Ireland, dragged down by a corporate tax rate of just 12.5%. Most of the digital giants in the United States use countries such as their European headquarters. Nine is the world’s largest pharmaceutical company has significant operations in the country, often earning drugs are sold in the United States

Ireland’s low tax rates have helped unrestricted digital giants, who don’t need to be close to consumers to sell them, attract new breeds a lot, and their intellectual property জায়গায় from which they derive their profits পারেন can register anywhere.

Now, the U.S. is leading a charge to set a minimum tax rate of 15% on corporate profits, a plan that the Group of Seven met this weekend to gain fresh support from the country.

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