Malaysia opposition key ally reject PM’s bipartisan offer


Malaysia opposition key ally reject PM’s bipartisan offer  Kuala Lumpur, August 1 (Reuters)-Malaysia’s opposition and major allies refused to plead for the support of Prime Minister Muhiudin Yasin in exchange for political and electoral reforms and called for his immediate resignation.

Muhiudin’s power has been swaying in an unstable state with a small majority since it came to power in March 2020.

Malaysia opposition key ally reject PM’s bipartisan offer He denied growing calls for resignation as some members of his ruling coalition withdrew his support and pressured to reach enthusiasm this month.

In his speech aired on Friday, Muhyiddin admitted for the first time that he did not have a majority and asked opposition lawmakers to support him in a confidence vote  malaysian-pm-muhyiddin Give time-TV-Address-Call-Exit-2021-08-04 to strengthen his government and prevent elections please.

In return for his support, Muhiudin amended the Constitution to limit the prime minister’s term to two to five years and introduced a “anti-hopping” law to prevent elected civil servants from jumping over the party. , Promised to secure a minimum voting age. It soon decreased from 21 to 18.

The main opposition, Pakatan Harapan, admitted in a statement on Friday that the prime minister had lost a majority, but said it was the first time in Malaysia’s history to openly seek the support of the opposition.

It called Muhiudin “an unjustified prime minister” and said his proposal was “rude”-they didn’t say the end of their political life as they should have been before the prime minister.

The opposition said it would not run for by-elections.

UMNO, who said Muhiudin had been forced to resign, has regularly challenged the prime minister even after agreeing to establish a government with him last year. Some UMNO lawmakers withdrew their support for him this month.

“Not all proposals can be considered by those who have lost their legitimacy,” UMNO President Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said in a statement.

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