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Massoud say he won’t surrender to Taliban

Massoud say he won’t surrender to Taliban Despite the Taliban’s information warfare being negotiated with the Northern Alliance resistance in the Panjshir Valley, Ahmad Massoud, the leader of Afghanistan’s National Resistance Front, said he will follow in his father’s footsteps and will not will surrender to the Taliban. , which took control of the country after the United States and the Allies practically left Kabul.

Massoud say he won’t surrender to TalibanThe French philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy said: “I just spoke on the phone with Ahmad Massoud. He told me:” I am the son of Ahmad Shah Massoud; surrender is not part of my vocabulary. ”This is the beginning The resistance has just begun.

Massoud is the son of Ahmad Shah Massoud, who was known as the Lion of Panjshir and led the strongest resistance to the Taliban from his stronghold in the valley until he was assassinated by al-Qaeda terrorists of Moroccan origin two days earlier. of 11 September. . The Panjshir Valley, which never fell to the Taliban during the 1990s civil war and was not captured by the Soviets a decade earlier, is now the last remaining area of ​​Afghanistan against Pashtun Sunni forces.
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“My father, Commander Massoud, our national hero, left me a legacy: and that legacy is fighting for the freedom of the Afghans. That fight is now irreversibly mine. My companions and I are ready to donate our blood. We ask all free Afghans, all those who refuse servitude, to join our bastion Panjshir, the last free region of our troubled country. To the Afghans of all regions and tribes I say: fight with us! ” Massoud said in a letter to Levy on August 16.

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