Microsoft Flight Simulator Xbox Series X review

Microsoft Flight Simulator
Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator Xbox Series X review  The term non-game originates from the Nintendo DS era and has been called a completely derogatory term by it.

Revelations like Brain Training and Art Academy clearly weren’t games and such images were never shown, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t serve the purpose for which they were created. Microsoft Flight Simulator is not really a game, as there is an underlying fun in flying a pilot and viewing virtual skylines, basically no gameplay is available here.

Unlike a car simulator which at least has the illustration of racing and game progression, there’s no need to put any effort here to add something that doesn’t involve heavy simulation in aviation. modern.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Xbox Series X review  This does not mean that it is not accessible – it is very easy to control the flight in flight with all the help – or that there are no detailed tutorials, but it does not have a structure. and the only challenge is to turn off these aids and encourage reality through it.

We have to stress again, none of this is a complaint, but it is important to know exactly what Microsoft Flight Simulator is and why we are not rating it out of 10.

This is especially important because flight simulators are so rare in modern times, especially in consoles. Ironically, the further back you go, the more conventional they are and of course the less realistic the graphics will be (it looked like the Microsoft Flight Simulator 1982). By comparison, Microsoft Flight Simulator is the most graphically interesting console title it has ever created.

Originally released on PC last year, it’s technically against Microsoft’s campaign not to release Xbox series X / S exclusive games for the first two years of the console’s life. Although they think the no-play status means they haven’t broken that particular promise.

While it isn’t very clear from the main menu what you need to do first, if you choose the discovery flight mode, you will be able to immerse yourself in several famous world positions of medium flight and instantly get a feel for it all. experience.

Flyovers everywhere from Mount Everest to the Giza Pyramid and New York City skyscrapers look brilliantly realistic anywhere you want to go without any hindrance.

It’s easy to see why it became so popular last year when hardly anyone was able to fly, and most people will always avoid international travel because there is still the thrill. Especially since there aren’t many charter flights out there trying to see if they can fly through the holes in Tower Bridge.

Once you are logged in to Discovery Flight, you are ready to work into Flight Training Mode – it is extremely large but very compact – and from there to the Flesh of the World Map Experience. Discovery flights have no control over where you originated from, which plane you fly, time of day or weather, where you are on the world map and any flight you like.

And when you say that all of this was originally designed to mimic the original flights (you can choose the parking ramp from an airport), it’s more fun to land on the trash of the ‘Antarctica or an air safari in Kenya.

And that, in terms of fashion, is almost. There is another section called Activities, which includes discovery flights and flight training, but also offers landing challenges and “bush trips”, long distance tests of your navigation skills in remote areas. .

It’s not exactly about pilotwings, but it does involve awarding points with a few challenges, some of which are by far the closest to a historical video game, or even brain training, and using that as a an indispensable part of the overall experience.

There are two main ways to enjoy Microsoft Flight Simulator, the first is a rigid simulation where you try to do everything just like a real pilot, including a few hours of international travel on jets. Experienced people like this, train simulators and other local simulations bear a distinct resemblance to precisely existing vehicles, where usually only those who like them are already interested in the subject.

Another way is to use a world map like google maps and jump or go somewhere you’ve never done before or see how realistic the entertainment is for a place you know. Our first stopover had a port where we work which is very close to the transfer line and a relative location.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

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