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Most influential spreader of coronavirus

Most influential spreader of coronavirus
Most influential spreader of coronavirus

Most influential spreader of coronav Over the past decade, Dr Marcola has promoted natural healthcare, released vaccines and built huge businesses to benefit from it, according to researchers studying his network. Has been said. In 2013, he claimed in an affidavit that his assets were “over Rs 100 crore”.

And instead of talking directly about the fact that this vaccine doesn’t work online, Dr. Marcola’s posts often ask questions that point to their safety and are discussed in studies that deny other treatments. Facebook and Twitter allow some of its posts to be carefully tagged, and businesses are struggling to create rules to remove inappropriate posts.

Most influential spreader of coronav  He got a new life thanks to social media. He uses it skillfully and ruthlessly to lead people to his slaves, ”said a digital enemy studying fake news and hate speech. Director of the Imran Ahmed intervention center. The “Degene Disinformation” report was cited by Congressional Hearing and the White House.

“It is quite unique for me to have been named the biggest promoter of false information,” Dr Marcola said in an email. Only a few hundred people liked his few Facebook posts, so he said, “A relatively small number of stocks could wreak havoc on Biden’s multibillion-dollar vaccination campaign. I do not understand

Dr Marcola accused the White House of “political and illegal censorship in alliance with social media organizations”.

He did not say if his claim about the coronavirus was true. “I have the right to educate the general public about the risks of vitamin D and covid-19 by sharing peer-reviewed publication and medical research,” he said. He could not identify the publication and the Times could not confirm his claim.

July 24, 2021, 9:30 a.m. Eastern Standard Time

Dr. Marcola of Chicago opened a small private practice in 1985 in Scamberg, Illinois. In the 90s, he began to convert to natural medicine and launched the original website to share treatments, therapies and advice. This site encourages people to “manage their health”.

Coronavirus Online Is The Most Effective False Alarm Spreader

The most influential spreader of coronav

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