Motor racing-Champions: Vettel, Rosberg criticise sprint pole decision

Motor racing-Champions
Motor racing-Champions

Motor racing-Champions SILVERSTONE, England (Reuters) – Formula One champions Nico Rosberg and Sebastian Vettel have criticized the decision to take the place of the British Grand Prix winner of a new Saturday sprint race.

The new format, first tested in Silverstone this weekend, will see a 100km sprint qualifier session on Friday that sets the grid for Sunday’s Grand Prix.

The fastest position so far has been secured by the fastest sending driver who has made it to the final qualifier, but in this case Formula 1 and the FIA ​​administration will reduce concentration by one lap and reward the winner of the race.

Motor racing-Champions The decision has sparked controversy over sports statistics and whether it devalued the poles of the past.

Four-time world champion Vettel, who is very interested in the history of the game, said: ”

“It doesn’t hurt too much if it happens all at once, but if we decide on a ten sprint race next year or in the future, I think it’s a little weird.

“It’s a new field, so they didn’t have it 50 years ago, and now we have it then, so just add a new column to the statistics,” added Aston Martin Driver, who has 57 columns.

Vettel said just one hour of free practice before Friday’s selection means at least hanging out and more work on the track.

Now retired, Rosberg, who reached 30 poles and was world champion with Mercedes in 2016, agreed in a Twitter post with his German colleagues.

“This is not the right decision. The hub has to go to the fastest man in the 100% selection. The winner of the sprint race should not be given pole position. It is completely hell with historical F1 figures,” he said.

Motor racing-Champions

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