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Myanmar military offers amnesty to some protestes

Myanmar military offers amnesty to some protestes Myanmar’s ruling military has offered to file charges against some protesters involved in the protests and strikes if they are submitted to authorities, state media reported Friday, in the face of several.

Southeast Asian countries have been in turmoil since the military overthrew the democratically elected Aung San Suu Kyi government six months ago, sparking protests and crippling parts of the state in a civil disobedience movement.

Myanmar military offers amnesty to some protestes Since the coup, security forces have arrested more than 7,000 people and unresolved 1,984 warrants, according to the Workers’ Political Prisoners Support Association.

The state-owned Global New Light Suu Kyi party in Myanmar has been accused of inciting lawlessness and reporting that no one will be forgiven for crimes such as murder, arson or assault on the army.

“Therefore, anyone wishing to return home on their own initiative can be confident that they can contact the following phone number or the nearest police station, district or city administration,” state media reports said.

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Since the coup, security forces have killed hundreds of people and ruthlessly suppressed the opposition and rejected the idea of ​​surrendering to military authorities who are now in hiding and are being prosecuted.

“It could be set,” said Khin Mayat Mayat Naing, 35, who was charged under Section 505A of the Criminal Code. ..

The 5-year-old travel blogger and influential added, “They are constantly changing their rhetoric, such as their election promises.”

Myanmar’s military ruler Min Aung Hlaing has promised to hold elections this week by August 20223.

Shortly after the coup, military junta leaders promised elections within two years, and some local media outlets explained the reference to extending the election period by six months.

Sai Tun, a freelance journalist who is a year old and has been accused of hiding under Section 505A after being photographed by the opposition, also said he would not step down.

“As long as there is an army, we will be fugitives,” said Sai Thun, who was shot in protest and eventually hoped to seize power from local militias opposed to the army.

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