Naruto: 8 Best Contenders To Replace Naruto As Hokage

Naruto: 8 Best Contenders To Replace Naruto As Hokage Naruto is currently the seventh hoax, but fans are already speculating on which ninja ninja might be the next line.


Naruto to place Naruto in top 8 contestants as hockey star figure _ Shikamaru and Sasuk
It took a few years, but in the end, Naruto achieved the goal of becoming a hoax. But who will take on this role after that?

Naruto: 8 Best Contenders To Replace Naruto As Hokage The Boruto series hints that this won’t be possible at the end of the Naruto story, which fits the repeating theme of watching the next generation transform into a benevolent role in Kanohagakur.

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But which character could correspond to this character? Holding someone accountable is a difficult task that requires a strong ninja with a deep love for the village and its people. Which character is able to step out of the line whenever Naruto takes action, even sooner or later?

Sunada can be considered urgently but it is impossible to accept it again
Sunad, Naruto
Sunade is the person least likely to take on this role, only if he no longer chooses the latest hoax. There is no reason to succeed him before something happens in Naruto, as the job can be returned to Kakashi instead.

That said, he still has experience, and should have retired long before continuing to play the third Hawker as he was forced to return to the post. Legend has it that he revolutionized the way ninja teams were formed and once the job was done he instinctively believed that if someone suddenly needed another hoax it would be instinctive to bring back a little stability.

Shikadai is considered the rising young genius

Realistically, Shikadai is a better opportunity than Boruto; At least he didn’t say he doesn’t care about being addicted at all. The problem with Shikadai is that he doesn’t have any experience and the Nara Dynasty generally didn’t have the talent to master ninjutu, although they are super smart about everything else. This leaves them behind as the Hawkeyes are often strong enough to be the most powerful ninja in the village.

Shikdai, meanwhile, is already seen by people as valuable enough to leave the village as a ninja and tell the village to work in a different way than the Nara dynasty expects to work in other regions. from Konoha. If he had had the ambition, he could perfectly well have placed himself in the position of a hoax.

Boroto may carry the family legacy of being a hoax, but he doesn’t want the job
Boroto is happy
It would be a mistake to support Boruto Hoquez, but it is not excluded. Boruto’s father and grandfather were Hawkeyes, so practically in his blood. However, Boruto has said more than once that he doesn’t want to be a hoax and would rather work in the shadows to protect the village and support Sarada.

Boruto, however, has shown that he is ready to defend his allies, even in the face of impossible adversity. He will come to a higher position but he does not want to involve that role and I hope the series does not force things in that direction.

Sardar’s goal is to become a hoax, and the narrative is on his side
Sardar Sharingan in action
Sarada has long sought to be a hoax. He looks at Naruta because he is someone who loves the whole village and has done everything he can to prove that he is worthy to follow in his footsteps. At the moment, he’s too young and inexperienced to take on the role, so he’s less likely to become the next Hawker.

Naruto: 8 Best Contenders To Replace Naruto As Hokage

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