Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Knesset delivered political statements to the Israeli parliament, Jerusalem, and May 30, 21.

Netanyahu is likely to stay in power last week as Israel’s prime minister in the war.

May Benjamin Netanyahu, who is stepping down from his final weekend as prime minister, is preparing for a final war to stay in power and extend Israel’s position for 12 consecutive years.

Over the past week, Netanyahu has accused the man set to replace him, carrying out “the biggest election fraud in the country’s history” in Naftali Bennett’s words and establishing a “dangerous” government, echoing former President Donald Trump’s unfounded claims after the 2020 US election. . Netanyahu’s Likud party on Thursday diluted false claims of election fraud but only slightly.

Netanyahu is failing, but not exactly the way Trump did

Netanyahu is failing, but not rightly so

Instead of saying there have been miscounted votes or systematic fraud, the party posted on Twitter that “Bennett hijacked the vote from the right and their direct [conflict] pledge shifted directly to the conflict. If this is not fraud we know what.”

In a Twitter thread that was shared by Netanyahu, Likud said there would be no peaceful transition of power to a new government. “Israel has always handed over power peacefully and will always be there,” Likud wrote. Did the party claim that Netanyahu was responsible for the nameless “perversion” of others?
But that doesn’t mean Netanyahu resigned after his defeat or leaving the prime minister’s official residence on Belfort Street in Jerusalem quietly. Netanyahu has repeatedly portrayed himself as the only person who can keep Israel safe from enemies in Iran, Gaza and Lebanon.

In Israel’s 120-seat Knesset, Bennett has a slim majority of 611 seats.
Netanyahu and his allies are working to pressure politicians from the right-wing Yamina and New Hope parties to vote against Bennett’s new government in a crucial confidence vote scheduled for Sunday afternoon.
If Bennett continues to lose votes, once he has worked for him, attempts to oust him have failed, perhaps sending Israel to its fifth election in two and a half years.

But the failure to leave Netanyahu is a title he has held most of the recent political instability in Israel.

Naftali Bennett delivers a political statement at the Knesset in Jerusalem on May 30, 2021.

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