New Gaming Service Next Year Netflix and Sony Could Partner Up for

New Gaming Service
New Gaming Service

New Gaming Service  Netflix has in the past expressed its intention to dive into the world of video games. Now, the streaming service has announced that it will expand to content in games, as well as movies and TV for its platform.

But recent data mining suggests the Netflix-Sony partnership could bring some of the biggest PlayStation brands to the streaming service.

New Gaming Service  According to VGC, a data miner named Steve Mozar found a lot of Sony PlayStation branded images and content in the code for the Netflix platform.


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Messer shared the leak via Twitter. He attached pictures of the “Zoost of Tushima” box art and the PS5 controller. What this means for Netflix is ​​unclear, but it could point to a partnership between the streaming service and the PlayStation, in the work of “Ghost of Tushimar”.

Moser revealed that the code in the games section of Netflix contains sharks, according to ame IGN, he also pointed out the problem of placing PlayStation IP in the system which suggests a collaborative approach.

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This isn’t the first deal between the two big companies, as Netflix and Sony agreed in a deal earlier this year that Sony Picture Entertainment films will be available on Netflix right after their theatrical release.

Additionally, earlier this year Netflix was looking to hire gaming content experts, and it’s speculated that experts will lead its gaming division.

On July 15, it was confirmed that Netflix had hired former EA and Facebook game director Mike Verdu.

Netflix’s leap into the game
Netflix has experimented with interactive storytelling on its platform through productions such as “Integral Kimi Schmidt: The Movie” and “Black Mirror: Bandersatch” which allow users to choose how the story image should unfold.

However, the company has yet to release full video game content, and it’s unclear what it will do after leaving the job at this time.

Sony, meanwhile, has expressed plans to expand its franchises beyond games. The latest game franchise, “The Last of You”, has just been adapted by HBO and will star Pedro Pascal. “Sushima’s Ghost” will be made into a feature film.

Future video game content on Netflix
Since many PlayStation games focus on storytelling, it is possible to convert them into movies and TV series.

The PlayStation already has a game streaming service called PlayStation Now, which can be like pushing game content out of the PlayStation console ecosystem, just like Microsoft did with Xbox Game Pass.

With the release of “Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness” on the Netflix platform and the renewal of shows such as “The Waiter”, there is a list of upcoming video game content that could adapt to “Assassin’s Creed”, and “Sonic Prime,” the streaming service may have more.

The exact date of the Netflix gaming service is still unknown, but based on leaks collected by data miners, it is expected to be released in early 2022.

New Gaming Service

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