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Pele had a rectal tumor surgically removed in September last year. Since then, the three-time World Cup winning legend has been undergoing chemotherapy. But he was admitted to the hospital on November 29 as the chemotherapy did not work.

After that, the press reported that Pele's physical condition has improved somewhat. He was also brought to the general ward. This is how everything was going. However, the hospital authorities reported new news yesterday. Pele's cancer has progressed. Apart from this, there are also kidney and heart problems. The legend has to spend Christmas in the hospital.

Pele is being treated at the Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo. Hospital authorities said yesterday that Pele, 82, "requires more intensive care due to kidney and heart problems."

Although he was not admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU), the hospital authorities said his cancer had 'deteriorated'. Pele was also diagnosed with a respiratory infection during his hospitalization. The hospital authorities did not say anything about it. His hospitalization has been acknowledged by Pele's family.

Kelly Nascimento, Pele's daughter, wrote on Instagram, "Christmas at home was cancelled. This decision has been taken after discussing with the doctor. We have to stay here to take the services provided by Einstein Hospital.

After Pele was hospitalized on November 29, the football world was worried about him. The media reported that Pele is at the crossroads of life and death. He later recovered, as fans were told by Pele's daughters Kelly Nascimento and Flavia Arantes.

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