NIO plans to add 3700 battery-replacing stations for electric cars



NIO plans to add 3700 battery The Chinese electric vehicle company says it plans to increase 3,700 battery replacement stations by the year 2000, giving it 4,000.

Replacement is where EV drivers go to quickly replace their batteries with new ones without waiting to charge.

According to the UK charging agency Pod Point, it takes about eight hours to fully charge a typical electric car from scratch.

NIO plans to add 3700 battery President and founder Qin Lihong told reporters on Friday that the company prioritizes charging stations.

The NIO recently traded 1%, 9 45.97. The rise of electric vehicles has driven inventory too much, worried that it has fallen 2% in the last six months.

Another agency announced Monday that NIO had appointed U Long as its independent director. He chairs the Nomination Committee and the Management Team

Media Group Bertelsmann is a founding and managing partner of Long BAI Capital and a member of the Board of Directors in Guterresloh, Germany. He was previously CEO of Bertelsman China Corporate Center.

In other NIO news, real money Caroline Boroden points to rising technical reasons for the company.

“I have a general symmetrical configuration to consider at NIO,” he wrote on Friday. “I generally like this stock according to the higher and lowest low models and the price is currently over 200 and 50 day moving averages.”

In addition, “the installation is actually two symmetric assumptions from the previous swing that overlap with the 50% retracement of the previous swing.”

NIO plans to add 3700 battery

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