Nokia XR20 review Hardy smartphone

Nokia XR20 review Hardy smartphone At first glance, the Nokia X10 and X20 phones look like they have a front screen screen, a perforated selfie camera, and a rear snapper.

However, unlike its less durable predecessor, Mobile has a shiny feel-it seems to be trapped in a heavy, slippery plastic case.

Nokia XR20 review Hardy smartphone The chassis is designed to withstand heavy drops, shocks, and splashes that can invalidate your valuable cell phone.

According to Nokia-owned HMD Global, the XR20 can block showers up to 1.5 meters and is four times more scratch resistant than other Nokias.

Designed to withstand extreme temperatures, from sunny beaches that scroll up to 55 degrees Celsius to ice ski operators up to -20 degrees Celsius.

The idea is that rough gizmos save more than cash for repairs and last for years outside the contract.

As part of my test by throwing things a few times (and unexpected drowning in my loot), I can safely say that the phone is actually a solid nut.

It was able to get rid of the hassle and scratches without too much hassle-a scrap that definitely marks the iPhone with one or two marks.

For those interested, Gizmo comes in two pleasing low quality colors: granite and ultra blue.

Performance and features
Everything that the XR20 is tough outside is working, but what about your courage? Here, perhaps Nokia cuts a little angle.

At the moment it’s a 5G-enabled যা that’s convenient for the course, but the equivalent ফোন phone is powered by Qualcomm’s solid yet world-class Snapdragon 480 chip.

The two storage variants offered are GB GB RAM RAM GB GB storage or GB GB RAM RAM 128 GB storage.

This is lower than spec spectrum vs. other midrange phones

There weren’t many performance issues, such as app stars, crashes, and slow frame rates, so the HMD clearly pulled all the juice out of Snapdragon’s engine.

However, this means it’s not as smooth as a midrange phone like the OnePlus Nord2 with 8GB or 12GB of RAM.

It’s a shame considering the XR20 will return up to £ 449.

When pulled back from the engine, the phone’s camera and display are just as decent, so I can’t write anything at home.

The XR20 features a dual rear camera system with a 48 megapixel main sensor and 13 megapixel UV light.

It has a 6.67-inch display that handles FHD + 1080 x 2400 resolutions. Ideal for “improving brightness” of 550 knits in a sunny environment.

Both the display and the camera work well, but for me it’s inferior to other midrange phones like the Nord2.

Again, given that price tag, I was expecting a bit more-although I don’t know if the average phone user will notice so many differences.

Batteries, on the other hand, work very well. It was easy to use for 2 days.

Price and release date
I’ve already mentioned this, but the price of the XR20 is arguably the biggest drawback.

Phones start at £ 99 with GB RAM and increase to £ 9 with the GB version.

It’s below the flagship iPhone and Samsung mobile highs (up to £ 1,000), but far from cheap handsets.

The XR20 is currently on the shelves in the UK and will be available in the US on August 25th.

Final verdict
The HMD has created a phone that inexperienced mobile users should consider when purchasing their next device.

For gadgets designed to withstand the challenges of time, the XR20 looks great.

Most ambiguous phones, such as those made by Doogee, appear to sway a bit in your hand.

The XR20, on the other hand, doesn’t look out of place as its competitors line up next to its attractive flagship.

However, if the phone has a design spot, there are still many requests for its features and engine.

The camera and display are average and the spec sheet isn’t particularly impressive.

I apologize for having a price tag that fits the phone, but expect more bangs for my money up to £ 449.

After all, the XR20 is a great option, especially if you’re looking for a phone that can withstand some collisions and scratches.

If you’re looking for a midrange phone with flagship features, it’s better to look elsewhere.

Nokia XR20 review Hardy smartphone

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