July 31, 2021

Northern Macedonian police find hidden in-vehicles of Bangladeshis including 72 immigrants

Police announced on Saturday that officers checking a routine vehicle found a group of 20 people from Bangladesh in a van on a main highway near the Serbian-northern Macedonian border. Officer Van arrested the 44-year-old Macedonian driver.

Police said a joint team of border officials from northern Macedonia and Slovenia found 62 people hiding in a truck on the main north-south highway adjacent to the Greek border and arrested two Serbian nationals, ages 33 and 37. The majority of the passengers, 46 came from Pakistan; 13 was from Eritrea; The other three were from Mali.

Authorities in northern Macedonia say police discovered 20 Bangladeshis, 82 migrants, including hiding vehicles in two separate operations on Friday.

Nine minors from a social worker group were going alone or with parents or guardians to determine if they had been interviewed, according to a police statement.

All immigrants have been relocated to the shelter in the southern border town of Gjorče Petrov *, Greece, where they are believed to have entered northern Macedonia, deportation is pending, said OC of the police station.

Despite border closures and restrictions on movement Covid-19 worldwide time, human trafficking cadres remain active in the Balkans.

Macedonia is a transit route for migrants from Greece to the north of rich European countries. Thousands have traveled the country in the last eight years.