NYC Delta COVID Wave Sends Relatively Few To Hospitals

NYC Delta COVID  The emergence of a positive test for COVID-19 in New York City has fueled fears of another wave of life-threatening infections – even the need for masks inside the home again.

Still, the number of cases is increasing rapidly by the highly contagious variant of the delta virus, the number of patients sick enough to be hospitalized decently increasing compared to previous waves of coronavirus. While these local numbers echo national trends, most of the city’s population is now protected with vaccines.

“Despite Delta’s extended existence, I don’t think we’ll see the type of hospital admissions we’ve had before,” said Dr. John, associate professor of medicine at the Columbia Melman School of Epidemiology. Jessica Justman said. “I think vaccines will save a lot of people from serious illness, hospitalization and death,” the public health official said.

NYC Delta COVID  He added: “If we don’t have a vaccine, we will see a much larger increase in hospital admissions.”

He and other medical experts, however, said that a fully vaccinated population would now protect more vulnerable people and prevent them from developing more variants.

Recent infections and the number of hospital admissions have involved unvaccinated people – a population that includes more than one million New Yorkers between the ages of 18 and 44.

Mayor Bill de Blasio, who last week mandated weekly COVID vaccination or testing for city health workers, on Friday called on private employers to take “immediate” action to do the same and increase requirements for other municipal workers. “We have reached the limits of a perfect volunteer system,” he told Brian Lehr of WNYC. “It’s time for more orders.”

As of Friday, 261 New York City residents were hospitalized with complications from COVID – less than 200 for most of June and July, but the infection has grown much slower than the number of infections. that test results started showing earlier this month.

A CTT analysis from the state’s Department of Health Statistics found that the rate of new hospital admissions is now markedly reversed from the rate at the start of the second wave of covid in New York City in November 2001.

The suffering of Staten Island

Hospitalization and death are among the most neglected New Yorkers this year. According to the Ministry of Urban Health, 98% of half a million positive tests, 3 hospitals, 3,000 hospital admissions and 8,000 deaths were found as of June 15 for those who had not received the vaccine.

Parts of Staten Island are seeing relatively high numbers of residents that the hospital has covidated. Residents of the Great Kills are on a par with the current wave of people hospitalized everywhere else in the city, with nine of the nearly 30,000 people in the neighborhood hospitalized between June 12 and July.

According to the city’s latest health service, Borough’s Mid-Island Department sent a dozen residents to hospital during that time.

In Brooklyn, 12 Caners residents were hospitalized at the time, according to the figures. Great Kills and Canaries have a higher vaccination rate than the city average, with just 3% of Canarian residents fully vaccinated.

Health statistics show that people 70 and older who are infected with the virus become seriously ill or die after infection with Cavid, according to health statistics.

Justman said the relatively high vaccination rate among the elderly helped reduce the number of local hospital admissions during Delta waves. A quarter of New Yorkers aged 5 or older have been vaccinated. It exceeds the national average by 70% but is locally higher than the other ages.

655% of adults in New York City are now fully vaccinated, as are 4% to% of youth aged 12 to 1, according to the Department of Health and Mental Health. Children under 12 are still not allowed to receive the vaccine.

De Blasio announced on Friday that the city was opening 25 pop-up vaccination sites as part of the rising summer programs from Monday to encourage more students to get vaccinated before the first day of school.

There is no dose for anyone

Yet many city workers, including police and firefighters, have yet to be vaccinated against COVID-19, which has already killed more than 33,500 New Yorkers.


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