Olympics end as they began

Olympics end as they began
Olympics end as they began

Olympics end as they began As a result, the strange Olympics in recent memory began with a row of vacant seats that served as a reminder of the epidemic that couldn’t be brought to the hills as more athletes moved towards cameras and volunteer dancers. Finished much earlier.

But perhaps more than the recent Olympics, the tournament was an athletic reality show that invited spectators to seek relief from the frustration and tragedy of the last 18 months. The drama of competition and the competition of growing athletes suggests a shift from the daily number of cases of coronavirus-the Olympic bubble and much more.

Olympics end as they began Fans were wary of Simon Biles and his decision to withdraw from gymnastics and spoke openly about mental health issues. New sports such as skateboarding and surfing made their debut at the Olympics.

Disaster: The US women’s soccer team lost to Canada in the semi-finals. Jun Mizutani and Mima Ito won Japan’s first gold medal in table tennis, surpassing the Chinese world champions. Naomi Osaka was excluded from the third round of the women’s tennis tournament after burning the Japan Olympic trophy, and the host country rejected the expected gold medal moment.

Making history was a victory. Allyson Felix surpassed Carl Lewis as the most decorated American Olympic athlete in athletics, and Kenya’s Eliud Kipchog defended his gold medal in the men’s marathon.

And who could resist the British diver Tom Daley, who was seen constantly knitting on the stands?

Fireworks at the Olympic Stadium during the opening ceremony of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, which was postponed in Tokyo on Friday, July 23, 2021. (Dag Mills / New York Times) Fireworks at the Olympic Stadium during the opening ceremony of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, which was postponed in Tokyo on Friday, July 23, 2021. The opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics is very different from the previous Olympics, and adjustments will be made at the closing ceremony. (Dag Mills / New York Times) og 5-year-old Saita Ryogo, walking with her 1-year-old son outside the stadium before Sunday’s show, was happy to see UTO Harrigom win his first gold medal. Said skateboarding on TV. For Japan. Still, Saita is concerned that daily coronavirus infections in Tokyo have more than doubled since the tournament began. “But people also enjoy sports,” he said. “I think it’s good that they happened. It’s like I’m fighting two emotions.”
Organizers claimed that after months of controversy, Japanese public and international audiences accepted the Olympics, but NBCUniversal, the largest Olympic broadcaster in the United States, plummeted from the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics. Did. In Japan, Tokyo last hosted the event in 1964, when a small part of the audience was watching the game.

Due to numerous scandals involving Tokyo 2020 officials and concerns about the potential for a pre-convention Superspreading event, Tokyo organizers claim success because the worst-case scenario did not occur. You can only do that. However, experts argued whether the Olympics normalized actions that helped create a new wave of communication throughout the city.

Many of the closing ceremonies evoked a carefree joy that was not overlooked at the opening ceremonies. In part, street fashion-clad actors and dancers in the center of the stadium wanted to unveil a park that included capoeira dancers, stunt bikers, jugglers, and double Dutch jumpers. This is a tragic one-way show in Tokyo, mostly the Olympics.

In his closing remarks, International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach thanked the Japanese people and said the Organizing Committee had never had to postpone the Olympics. “We did it together!” He said with a warm applause.

With the motto “Moving Forward: The World We Share”, the closing ceremony was an event for the organizers, who had been cracked before the game started, and for the entire movement.

The IOC’s politics of penetration into Tokyo has nothing to do with the Games. Belarusian runner Christina Timanovskaya, who sought her protection after the coach criticized her country for trying to force her home, was granted asylum in Poland. The IOC took five days to disqualify the coaches involved in the attempt to send him back to Belarus for the Olympics.

In a broader sense, the Commission’s decisions are closely monitored in Tokyo. Even before the epidemic, the organizers pushed the Tokyo Olympics to the stage in the cruelest heat.

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