OnePlus Nord 2 Exclusive: The Dream Of Selling 25 Million Smartphones

The OnePlus Nord 2
The OnePlus Nord 2

The OnePlus Nord 2 smartphone is expected to go on sale before the end of Pitt Lou 2023. The Nord family of devices. But I’ll be back in a moment.

Pete Lau
Pete Lau Ekplace
It’s been more than seven years since the launch of OnePlus One. Since then, Shenzhen manufacturers have offered a major upgrade every year, then expanded to offer a “T” upgrade six months later, the introduction of the “Pro” line and now the North family and the bottom edge. Will the 2014 OnePlus newborn community recognize OnePlus today?

OnePlus Nord 2 Of course, the seven years of design evolution and technological advances mean that the two phones certainly look different like Lau Note; “This is because the entire industry and what can be done with technology has changed dramatically in the last seven years. For example, in 2014, the OnePlus Nord 2 5G could not be displayed with frames.”

I can raise an eyebrow because a key element is still there … The OnePlus logo remains on the back of the device, even though the signature is a centrally mounted rear camera, followed by countless other manufacturers and moving to the upper left corner.

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Also, the trend of modern smartphone design has changed for only seven years. The phones have the most screens, customers looking for the best camera both front and back; And performance remains universal. Technology has continued, but for every manufacturer that goes forward, OnePlus still struggles in the same place, finding an end to the competition and ruthless, selling more phones.

A general commitment to the marketing slogan that celebrates the OnePlus approach, in which comes the song “Never Settle” which “[us] are not defined by a single product, but rather by our constant approach to product creation. What has not changed and will not change is our commitment to providing a fast and smooth experience, a constant focus on quality, a focus on details and a user-centered mindset.

OnePlus North 2020 (Ian Spence)
OnePlus North 2020 (Ian Spence) Evan Spence
I asked Lau how the “Never Settle” concept resembled the obvious hardware differences between a premium premium smartphone and a mid-range Nord phone.

“The Never Settle approach pushes us towards continuous improvement and at this moment we have improved the key aspects of the phone, from performance to camera, to design. We are confident that the OnePlus Nord 2 5G will be a worthy successor to the original to be Nord. ”

The source Nord 2 5G and the Nord line itself, is a mixture of community feedback from people who have purchased previous devices and, of course, the will of the company.

“Over the years, we’ve received a lot of feedback from our users about what’s important to their smartphone experience. Reliability as an everyday driver.”

OnePlus Nord and OnePlus Bud (Ian Spence)
OnePlus North and OnePlus Bud (Ian Spence) Evan Spence
Reviewers and customers will soon be able to find out how OnePlus fulfills these promises, but Lau and his team have high expectations of the entire Nord family, not just Nord 2 5G.

“I am very confident in the prospects of the OnePlus Nord product line in the future,” Lau told me. “We plan to increase sales of the OnePlus Nord product line to 25 million units by 2023.”

It aims to reach and the first million has already been sold. There are 29 months left to sell 24 million North phones and I bookmarked my diary on Friday 29 December to ask the Lord what the total North sales were.

In this context, Counterpoint Research reported 76 million in the first quarter of 2021. Samsung sold millions of Samsung smartphones, 59.5 million iPhones sold by Apple and 38 million phones by Oppo.

So … Oppo. It was announced earlier this year that OnePlus will become a sub-brand of Oppo – but close relationships have left many in the community wondering what it means to identify the future of OnePlus.

Lau focuses on the changes proposed by the OnePlus team; “We will continue to create products like ours, but now we will have more resources at hand to give our users a better experience. Our regional markets continue as usual, where we will continue to participate in the markets in which both brands operate.

OnePlus Nord 2

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