Operators suspended for slamming ferry into Padma Bridge

Operators suspended for slamming ferry into Padma Bridge BIWTC spokesman Nazrul Islam Misha said authorities should have operated the ferry more carefully.

He said such cases were very irregular, showed a lack of discipline and required punishment.

He said the ferry company was temporarily suspended due to a lack of ability to do their job properly.

Operators suspended for slamming ferry into Padma Bridge According to BIWTC, after leaving Bangla Bazaar Terminal with 227 vehicles on Monday night, a ship bound for Simria, Birshlestajahangir, collided with the tenth pillar of the bridge under construction.

A truck crashed into a car, injuring two people. They were later taken to the hospital.

After the collision, the ferry immediately anchored at Terminal 2 in Simria as the rear end of the ship began to fill with water. The fire department was later called to handle the situation.
The ferry carried several passengers, including 16 small cars and 11 trucks.

Nazrul Islam Misha said BIWTC has formed a five-member panel convened by Director Mohammad Rashedul Islam to investigate the case.

The panel will submit the report to BIWTC within 3 days.

On July 23, a ferry collided with Pillar 117 of the Padma Bridge on its way from Bangla Bazaar in Madalipur to Simria. According to the investigation report, the incident was caused by the negligence of the ferry driver.

There is no ferry with vehicles under the bridge

Authorities intercepted a ferry carrying a large vehicle under the Padma Bridge two weeks after it collided with a pillar.

Shipping Minister Khalid Mahmood Choudhry issued a directive the day after the recent accident after a meeting with BIWTC and BIWTA officials.

“Heavy freight ferries are prohibited from moving under the Padma Bridge until strong tides recede,” he said.

These ferries are instructed to avoid Mawa and pass through the Patria-Dawradiadock, but the Chandpool and Shariatopur routes are also effective.

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