Opinion: Biden has a chance to start rebuilding US’s fractured relationship with Russia

President Biden and Biden’s presidency will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva for their first-person summit, they will have the opportunity to reverse the dangerous and unprecedented deterioration in relations between the two countries – and set a new course to begin.
The elations between the United States and Russia have reached a particularly dangerous moment. The administration recently imposed new sanctions on the Russian economy and expelled 10 Russian diplomats in response to the country’s alleged election interference efforts – further straining our relations. Russia has expelled 10 U.S. diplomats from the expelled country, threatening to take “painful measures” against future business in the United States, and the United States has announced an impending ban on the recruitment of Russian citizens.
To worsen the diplomatic dilemma, the last two U.S. consultants in Russia were recently shut down – all consular services leaving will be handled by a staff-less embassy, ​​which has come to process a crawl visa. It has been months since an ambassador from the country gave another appearance. In contrast, ambassadors remain in place for some time in horrific moments such as the Cuban Missile Crisis and even the Cold War. That diplomatic channel was important to prevent any stimulus of tension, and no doubt preserved life.
It makes it difficult to exaggerate the terrible global impact if relations between the United States and Russia continue to deteriorate. Former Secretary of Defense William Perry says the potential for a major nuclear catastrophe in recent years has become greater than during the Cold War – and the Cold War’s military-industrial-congressional complex, empowerment warfare and hard liners, fuel, and virtually destroyed space for dissidents. Can.

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