Optimising metastatic melanoma treatment by combining two treatments

Optimising metastatic
Optimising metastatic

Optimising metastatic A collaborative study by researchers from the Hospital Del Mar Medical Research Institute, Hospital Del Mar, CIBR Cancer and the Belvitz Medical Research Institute has separated the combination of chemotherapy and BRF oncogen inhibitors to meta-static melanoma.

The study was published in the journal Oncogen.

Metastatic melanoma is the leading cause of skin cancer death worldwide; Leading research can now be an important weapon in the fight against a deadly disease. This group has studied the effects of a combination of two types of treatment to overcome malignant melanoma, and previous studies in the group have already demonstrated that chemotherapy can reduce the ability of rectal and colon cancer cells to repair if BRAF inhibits oncogen expression.

Optimising metastatic The researchers evaluated the efficacy of chemotherapy and BRAF oncogen inhibitors, individually and in vitro in both rat and tumor cells, with both combinations proving superior in all studies one week after treatment at the end of treatment. .

The authors of the study, Del Mar of IIMIM-Hospital and Dr. Luos Espinosa of CIBRNC, said: “We have shown the potential of treatment by combining these two treatments to kill cancer cells. Mutations affect oncogenes.”

Double treatment
The study emphasized that chemotherapy avoids toxicity when given in small doses. Combined with standard treatment with BRAF inhibitors, it can have a significant effect on the development of metastatic melanoma. Subsequently, the combination of treatments that removes tumor cells instead of destroying their growth eliminates prolonged treatment and potential resistance.

The team is confident that this technique can be replicated in other forms of cancer, including the rare melanoma type that is currently untreated due to mutations absent in BRF oncogen. .

Dr. Fernando Gallardo, co-author of the study and head of the Department of Dermatology, said: “The procedure is simple: by combining BRF inhibitors with low-dose chemotherapy with very low toxicity, we not only damage cell DNA but also increase its effectiveness. Can

The biggest drawback of BRAF preventive treatment in the treatment of metastatic melanoma – the initial aspect of the disease is that cancer cells may become resistant to treatment and grow again because the inhibitors simply stop them instead of killing them. The team is hopeful that the combination of treatment with chemotherapy can correct this problem by preventing and avoiding repetition.

Optimising metastatic

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