Pakistan reaches 1m vaccine shots a day

Pakistan reaches 1m vaccine shots a day Pakistan on Tuesday achieved its goal of vaccinating 10 million people every day against Kovid-1, a vaccination campaign launched just weeks after the public was vaccinated.

The government announced last week that workers in schools, shopping malls, the hospitality industry, transport and the aviation industry would be barred from entering government offices without certificates from the end of this month.

Pakistan reaches 1m vaccine shots a day I am happy to report that I have exceeded my target of one million vaccines per day,” Asad Umar, Operations Minister for Covid-1 Ope, said in a tweet.

In Pakistan, highly contagious delta mutants have triggered a surge of coronavirus infections, which has put extreme strain on their weak health infrastructure.

According to the National Command and Operations Center (NCOC), more than 1 million people out of a population of 220 million have been vaccinated at one time. ..

In Pakistan, 58,582 new cases and deaths have been reported in the last two hours, with more than 300 people in critical condition. To date, 2,529 people have died and more than 1 million have been infected in Pakistan.

Delta mutant infections account for more than 70% of new cases, according to authorities.

After the start of the vaccination campaign was delayed, new requirements for vaccination certificates flooded people seeking shots outside some vaccination centers, especially in queues of more than 1km in the Sindh capital, Karachi. Status.

The Sindh government has put special pressure on people to get vaccinated and warned that they will withhold the salaries of government employees and turn off people’s cell phone SIM cards if they do not get the required certificates.

According to the NCOC, about 2 %% people tested for Covid-1 for recently in Karachi were infected with the virus, but the national positive test rate was only %%.

Pakistan reaches 1m vaccine shots a day

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