Praava Health services suspended

Praava Health services suspended Due to the alleged ‘inconsistency’, the Department of General Health has suspended all activities of Prabha Health.

There are some complaints regarding the services of private health organizations, including the provision of faulty reporting, the Director General of Health (DGHS) Hospital and Clinic Director Dr. Farid Hossain Mia said.

Praava Health services suspended He added that after finding evidence of abnormalities in the activities of Prabha Health, a door-to-door service provider, the agency’s activities have been suspended and will be further investigated.

An investigation committee, after inspecting the company, found irregularities such as charging an additional Rs 150 for registration after charging Rs 2,500 for Covid-1 for, installing and lowering PPE in the same room, which is dangerous among others. DGHS statement. Monday.

Earlier, the health department had launched an investigation into allegations that Prava Health provided false reports of the Covid-1 tests. Mahfuz Shafiq, son of former justice minister Barrister Shafiq Ahmed, made the allegation.

The DGHS has formed a committee of inquiry.

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The victim, Mahfuz Shafiq, said that in July, his wife Farzana Rahman, their two daughters Bayana Shafiq and Jain Shafiq provided samples of Prabha Health for the Covid-1 test, as it was mandatory for foreign travelers to have a negative certificate. Of Covid-1 of. . July They were supposed to go to the United States.

On the night of July 7, his wife received an SMS saying that she was positive for Covid-1 for. Shortly afterwards, in a separate SMS, Prabha informed the health family that their two daughters were also positive for Kovid.

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Suspecting the results, Mahfuz Shafiq contacted Prabha Health, but his staff assured him that all their equipment was new and there was no possibility of making such a mistake.

Mahfuz Shafiq’s father Shafiq Ahmed is 855 years old and his mother, Professor Mahfuza Khanam, a former vice president of the Central Students Union (Daksu) of Professor Aka University, is 76 years old.

She was afraid they would all live together and was worried if she got infected too.

So he took a sample at Green Life Hospital and his Covid-1 test came back negative.

Then, on July 8, Mahfuz Shafiq delivered a sample of 20 people, including his family, to the Institute for Research and Control of Epidemiological Diseases (IEDCR). July In July, everyone was declared negative for Kovid-1 to by IEDCR.

Mahfuz Shafiq said, “As a victim, I have formally sent a letter to the Minister of Health, the Health Secretary, the Director General of the Department of Health, the Inspector General of Police and the Director General of Justice against me. ABAB.”

“The false light report has taken the whole family by storm. My wife and children’s flight has been canceled. I don’t want this to happen to anyone else.”

Silva Q Sinha, executive director of Prabha Health, and Qutb Kamal, head of communications, could not be reached by phone.

Praava Health services suspended

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