Psychonauts 2 hands-on adventure

Psychonauts 2 hands-on adventure
Psychonauts 2 hands-on adventure

Psychonauts 2 hands-on adventure I like 3D platforms. Many of these games, such as Super Mario Odyssey, Crash Bandicoot 4: Its Time, and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Eater, have become my all-time favorites in recent years. And now another title could join this list.

Psychonats 2 released August 25 for Xbox Series X / S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. I had the opportunity to preview the game, which allowed me to review the first two levels of the adventure platform and the locations of its fascinating hubs twice.

Psychonauts 2 hands-on adventure Psychonats 2 mentioned earlier along with other games featured with most 3D platforms today are abandoning complex, character-filled plots to focus on exploration and mechanics. Even Rift Atter, which has more conciseness and dialogue than Odyssey and Crash 4, describes you as an excuse to take the narrative to the next level.

The story in Psychonats 2 is just as important as the platform. You shouldn’t be surprised if you’ve played a double end game before, including the original 2005 Cyconuts. The studio is notable for its hilarious conversation and intriguing characters, and Psychonats 2 offers a large backyard to showcase those elements.

Jump for fun
Needless to say, its platform mechanics are mediocre. You have lots of 3D platform tools like wall jump and glide. Raj’s mental powers give him access to more interesting abilities. It has an emotional connection that allows you to cross two floating points.

But it’s not just a careful crossing strategy. You can connect two power bubbles and use that power to change a person’s opinion. Yes, just like in the first game, space is inside the brain of a grown-up. Then you explore their knowledge, which can take all kinds of disturbing forms. At the start of the game, you enter the minds of Holis Forsyth, the person in charge of Cyconuts’ second-in-command and the organization’s interns, including Raj. If you navigate his thought bubbles correctly, you can change his thinking about gray incense and start liking herbalists to thinking it’s like soap (correct opinion).

Above: Cilantro is never pleasant.

Image Credit: Double Fine
Colentro without liking someone doesn’t seem so intense, but the game takes the idea to an interesting place. At first, Forsyth’s mind resembles an orderly hospital. However, after his thoughts wandered too far, he turned into a seed casino. This area offers a lot of platforming challenges, but also a lot of gags. After refusing to enter the high roller lounge, you are denied needing gazelle dollars, which is exactly what you came to do. It guides you in how to bet on races driven by different body parts, play a huge game of pachinko and much more.

More than half of the mind
The story and the platform go together well but combat also plays a part in the Psychonates 2 formula. A lot of your mental abilities can help you in combat. This includes a standard combo of melee attacks (although you do battle giant fist astronomy). You can use your mind to grab objects and dodge enemies or create fireballs that can ignite them. Different attacks work best on different enemies.

Truth be told, I had a lot of fun playing the game hanging out at Psychonates Headquarters. It serves as a sort of central world, looking for places to relax in missions and buying upgrades by searching for secret items. I love the impressive and mundane mix of these positions. It’s an office complex, but it’s full of psychology. It’s an amazing Art Deco thing and a pleasure to explore.

Psychonauts 2 hands-on adventure

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