Raisi names anti western hardliner as foreign minister

Raisi names anti western
Raisi names anti western

Raisi names anti western hardliner as foreign minister New President Ibrahim Raisi on Wednesday has appointed a Western opposition diplomat as Iran’s foreign minister, with six world powers aiming to restore the 2015 nuclear deal.

While serving as a judge, Raisi, a radical under western sanctions on suspicion of human rights abuses, swore on August 5 in the face of rising crisis of Alem rulers in Islamic republics at home and abroad. did.

Raisi names anti western hardliner as foreign minister After the June elections, mid-sized Shiite priest Hassan Rouhani was replaced by realist Hassan Rouhani after his most prominent rivals, including moderates and reformers, were barred from running.

Raisi presented the Cabinet in Parliament for a vote of expected confidence, choosing Hossain Amirabadullahian as Foreign Minister and Javad Ozi, the former Deputy Minister of Oil and Managing Director of the State Gas Company, as Minister of Oil.

On condition of anonymity, Iran’s nuclear negotiators said, “Amirabadurahian is a tough diplomat … If the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in charge of Iran’s nuclear documents, Tehran is clearly very tough in negotiations. I will take an attitude. ”
According to Iran’s semi-official media reports, the Supreme National Security Council, which reports directly to hardline leader Ayatollah Ali Hamenei, was in Vienna from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, led by relatively moderates during the Rouhani administration. Take over nuclear negotiations.

Iran and the world powers have been negotiating to restore the agreement since April, but the United States at the time refused to do so in 2018. President Donald Trump has re-imposed sanctions that destroyed Tehran’s oil exports and destroyed the economy.

Raisi names anti western hardliner as foreign minister The sixth round of talks took place on June 20, with Iran and Western officials saying the major gap in making Tehran and Washington fully compliant with the agreement has not yet been closed. Iran has violated uranium enrichment since 2010.

The parties to the meeting have not yet scheduled the next meeting.
Amirabadullahian is believed to be closely associated with Iran’s Elite Revolutionary Guard Corps, Lebanon’s powerful Hezbollah movement, and other Iranian agents in the Middle East.
Former Iranian officials said Mr Raishi’s choices show that he attaches great importance to regional issues in foreign policy.
Former Bahrain Ambassador Amira Badurahian was Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs from 2011 to 2016. He was Deputy Chief of Mission to the Iranian Embassy in Baghdad from 1997 to 2001.
Iran’s hardline parliament is not expected to challenge Raishi’s elections against delicate ministries such as diplomacy and oil, as the president elects only with Hamenei’s approval.

In Iran, the power of the president elected by the Supreme Leader of the Armed Forces, the appointment of the Chief Justice, and the decision of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic are restricted.
When talking about women’s rights during the campaign, Rice did not appoint women to the cabinet.

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