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Rhythmic gymnastics pay a high price to compete

Rhythmic gymnastics pay a high price to compete Rhythmic gymnasts may look subtle as they slip through the hoops and split in the air to catch the club, but the body under the shiny leopard and the perfectly coffee-drinking rabbit is ruthless. It tells a story of patience.

Rhythmic Gymnastics, the Olympic medal event since 1984, has seen athletes perform musical contractions and techniques while using hoops, balls, clubs, or ribbons.

Rhythmic gymnastics pay a high price to compete Anastasia Salos, who played in the final on Saturday, stabbed her on one foot, pointed to the ceiling on the other, and slammed the club on the mat like a drumstick.

There was a lot of laughter and tears on her journey to becoming an Olympic athlete.

19-year-old Reuters had surgery on her back, knees and ankles.

She said, “I took a rest for about a year. Some moves are still a bit difficult.

Belarusian Anastasiia Salos running on ribbon
Tokyo 2020 Olympics-Gymnastics-Rhythmic Gymnastics-People Everywhere-Final Rotation-Ariac Gymnastics Center, Tokyo, Japan-August-August 2021.

Laura Chen of the United States said sports have hidden dangers.

“You have been injured by overuse. There are seams here and there, and I’ve had a nosebleed since the club hit me on my head. Everyone thought I might have hit something.” She said Chung.

“People have ribbon sticks in their eyes … it can actually be quite dangerous.”

Rootcasty Jogarindo of Mexico said he was so injured that he thought he should stop playing sports.

“He had a back injury at the age of 18 and thought he couldn’t go any further,” he said. “I was in a position where I had to keep my balance and turn my legs back.”


Gymnasts are judged by “physical difficulties” such as exercise, turns, jumps, executions and artistry.

To stand in Friday’s personal environmental qualifying, Russian gymnast Arena Averina bounces the ball with her left foot while standing upright before easily turning into a new pose for her music.

Once stabbed in a club with her eyebrows falling, the twin Dina held her ball in her hand and kicked it in the air while splitting, before melting into the next pose.

Alina Hernasco of Belarus said she cannot be far from the truth when a gymnast makes it easy.

“It looks very simple when you look at it, but it’s not perfect,” he said. “We train 10 hours a day without breaks … it’s important to continue performing.”

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