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Several killed in afghan protest

Several killed in afghan protest According to witnesses, several people were killed in the city of Afghanistan in Asadabad on Thursday when Taliban fighters fired at flag-raising people at an Independence Day rally.

This is the first Taliban protest since the Taliban demolished the white flag on Sunday.

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Several killed in afghan protest The Taliban have declared the war is over, and now the turmoil is rampant at the airport
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The Taliban promised peace and women’s rights under Islam
The Taliban promised peace and women’s rights under Islam
It is not clear whether the casualties in Asadabad were due to shootings or footsteps, said Mohammad Selim, a witness to the eastern city of the state capital, Kunal.

“Hundreds of people took me to the street,” Selim said. “At first I was scared and didn’t want to go, but when I saw a neighbor coming in, I took the flag out of my house.”

“Several people were killed in the Taliban crackdown and shooting.”

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A Taliban spokesman was not immediately available for comment.

Despite protests, there were no reports of fatal violence in the areas of East Jalalabad and Paktia.

Afghanistan celebrated its independence from British rule in 1919 in 1919.

Witnesses and media reported on Wednesday that Taliban fighters fired at Jalalabad protesters waving black, red and green flags, killing three people.

Asadabad and another eastern city, the host, reported a similar scene to the media on Wednesday, with the Taliban’s white Islamic flag being demolished in several places.

The first Vice President, Amurula Surrey, who is trying to oppose the Taliban, has expressed his support for his protests.

“Greetings to those who raise the national flag and symbolize the dignity of the country,” he said on Twitter.

Sale said on Tuesday that he was in Afghanistan and was a “legal interim president” after President Ashraf Ghani fled after the Taliban hijacked Kabul.

Seeking the finish of the airport crowd

The crackdown on protesters raises new questions about the Taliban’s guarantee that they have changed since the 1996-2001 administration, when the Taliban severely restricted women, publicly executed them, and bombed ancient Buddha statues. Let’s go.

Kabul has been relatively calm since the Taliban arrived on Sunday, but the airport is in turmoil as people leave the country.

Since then, 12 people have died in and around the airport, according to NATO and Taliban officials. Taliban officials said the deaths were caused by shootings or stamps.

He appealed to those who did not have the legal right to go home. “I don’t want to hurt anyone at the airport,” a Taliban official said on condition of anonymity.

(Click here for a graphic of airport turmoil:

Western security officials say the United States and other Western nations have pressured their citizens and some of their Afghan staff to evacuate nearly one million people from the deported capital airport since Sunday. increase.

Under an agreement negotiated by former President Donald Trump’s administration last year, the United States agreed to withdraw its troops in exchange for a guarantee from the Taliban that it would not allow Afghanistan to be used in terrorist attacks. ..

The Taliban also agreed not to attack foreign troops.

President Joe Biden said that even if the US withdrawal deadline exceeds August 31, the US military will remain there until the US military withdrawal is complete.

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