Space Station loses control after Russian module misfires

Space Station loses control after Russian module misfires NASA officials said the International Space Station (ISS) was temporarily out of control on Thursday and inadvertently fired hours after a jet thruster from a newly arrived Russian Research Module docked in orbit. Said.

According to NASA and the Russian state news agency RIA, seven crew members on board (two Russian astronauts, three NASA astronauts, Japanese astronauts, French European Space Agency spaceflight) Astronaut) was not in imminent danger.

However, due to this error, NASA has postponed the planned launch of Boeing’s new CST-100 Starliner capsule until at least August 3 in a long-awaited test flight to an unannounced space station. .. The Starliner was scheduled to explode on Friday with an Atlas V rocket from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Space Station loses control after Russian module misfires According to NASA, the crash began about three hours after the multinational Navy module was chedro on the space station. This is because the Moscow mission controller was performing a post-dock “rebuild” procedure.

U.S. space agency officials say module jets mysteriously restart, the entire station deviates from its normal flight position 250 miles above Earth, and declares a “spacecraft emergency” to the mission’s flight director. He said he urged.

Joel Montalbano, manager of the NASA space station program, said unexpected flow of station orientation was first detected by automatic ground sensors that lasted more than 45 minutes after a “loss of attitude control” 15 minutes later. I did.

“Tig of War”

According to NASA officials, the ground flight team was able to restore the orientation of the space station by activating the thrusters with another module on the orbital platform.

In a broadcast report of the incident, RIA quoted a NASA expert at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, to describe the battle to regain control of the space station as a “tug of war” between the two modules.

Montalbano convened a meeting with NASA reporters, saying that at the height of the incident, stations lined up at about 1.5 degrees per second.

According to NASA, Noka’s engine has finally stopped, the space station has stabilized, and its direction has returned to its original position.

“There was no imminent danger to the crew,” Montalbano said, although he lost contact with the crew twice for a few minutes during the suspension. “The crew didn’t really feel any movement,” he said.

Steve Steig, manager of NASA’s commercial crew program, said that if the situation becomes so dangerous that the crew needs to be evacuated, the crew will remain parked at the outpost on the SpaceX crew. It may have been designed to escape into a crew capsule and act as a “lifeboat” if needed. ..

NASA officials said the cause of the failure of the Navy module thrusters distributed by the Russian space agency Roscosmos is not yet clear.

Montalbano said there were no immediate signs of damage to the space station. The flight-correction pilot used more pilot stock than he had hoped for, but “I don’t worry about anything,” he said.

After being launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan last week, the module ran into a bug that raised concerns about whether the docking system would work smoothly.

According to Toss News Agency, Roscomos blamed the post-docking problem on Thursday for a no-car engine running on the remaining fuel on board.

“The process of moving the Noka module from flight mode to” dock with ISS “mode is underway. Work on the remaining fuel in the module is underway, “TSS quoted Roscosmos.

The Navy module is designed to act as a laboratory, storage unit, and airlock to upgrade Russian capabilities beyond the ISS.

The module, according to its Russian name for “science,” was docked with the space station minutes after the scheduled time and aired live.

“According to telemetry data and reports from the ISS crew, the station and Navy module onboard system is functioning properly,” Roscosmos said in a statement.

“Contact !!!” Roscosmos director Dmitry Rogozin wrote on Twitter shortly after docking.

Space Station loses control after Russian module misfires

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