Spain vs Belgium Baseball Game live: European Championship – Play Offs «Thursday Sep 16,2021

Spain vs Belgium Baseball Game live
Spain vs Belgium Baseball Game live

Spain vs Belgium Baseball Game live The 2021 European Championship is expected to begin on Sunday in Piedmont. The 16 best European men’s national teams are fighting for the European Championship title at three locations in and around Turin, the Netherlands want to win their fourth European Championship title in a row.The event is the first with 16 nations, with the organizers rejecting the traditional format of two groups of six teams in favor of four groups of four teams. The first two in each group qualify for the elimination phase, the final of which will take place on Sunday, September 19 at 8.30 p.m. (CET).


Spain vs Belgium Baseball Game live

In Group A, Italy, Austria, Belgium and Greece face Italy, with Italy looking to improve their silver medal in 2019. The Italian MLB Hall of Fame leader Mike Piazza last won the European title in 2012, as the last country when the Dutch started with three triumphs in a row. The outsider of the group is Greece, which qualified for the event at the beginning of July thanks to the 8: 4 defeat of Lithuania at the qualifying tournament in Utena, Lithuania.

Germany, Spain, Croatia and Ukraine will compete in Group B, with Spain having won a medal in the last four tournaments, making it the group’s favorite. The Spaniard won a gold medal in the 40th baseball week in Prague at the end of June when he defeated the host Czech Republic 9-0.

Spain vs Belgium Baseball Game live

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Group C is the most open of the groups, with France, Great Britain, Israel and Russia having good chances of reaching the round of 16. Israel competed in Japan’s summer Olympic baseball tournament, but the country’s European Championship team doesn’t include some of the best talent on the Olympic squad.

In Group D, the Dutch face the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Sweden, with the Dutch and Czechs being the favorites for the round of 16.

Spain vs Belgium Baseball Game live

The full ranking and statistics as well as links to live broadcasts can be found on the WBSC Europe competition page.

You can find more information about our tournament on Facebook.


2019 – Netherlands (gold), Italy (silver), Spain (bronze)

2016 – Netherlands (gold), Spain (silver), Italy (bronze)

2014 – Netherlands (gold), Italy (silver), Spain (bronze)

2012 – Italy (gold), Netherlands (silver), Spain (bronze)

2010 – Italy (gold), Netherlands (silver), Germany (bronze)

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