Surgeon General defends CDC lifting mask mandate

Surgeon General
Surgeon General

Surgeon General Vivek Murthy on Sunday criticized the Center for Disease Prevention and Prevention (CDC) decision to lift mask guidelines for all vaccinated people, saying the move may be premature.

Appearing on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Murthy argued that the decision was a pandemic effort “to give individuals and residents the ability to make their own decisions about ordering masks, as much of the local and regional response has disappeared. ”

Surgeon General “I think the CDC’s directive on masks was actually intended to give flexibility to individuals and areas, recognizing that we have taken a greater share of the local and regional response based on human and community vaccination rates. “, did he declare. locally, ”Murthy said.

“So when you look at places like L.A. County and other parts of the country, where you see that the counties that decide on the masks may be different from other counties, it’s okay. I do it on a case-by-case basis.”

Idol also told host Dana Bash that directing the wearing of a mask also gives individuals the ability to make their own personal decisions.

“On the individual side, there is the same flexibility. Although there are fewer people at risk of getting sick, especially if you have a full vaccination to be seriously ill or infect someone else with the virus, some people may decide to continue wearing a mask. Maybe they live in a family that has a lot of viruses, maybe they have isolated people in the house and they want to be very careful, and that’s okay, ”said the general surgeon.

“The CDC guidelines have given flexibility to counties and individuals and that’s why you see the difference in what you do across the country,” he added.

The CDC issued a new guideline in May stating that people fully vaccinated against COVD-19 do not have to wear masks indoors or outdoors or maintain a physical distance.

Following the new guidelines, states began to specify the orders for their masks.

The revised guidance has come under further scrutiny in recent weeks, as the number of new COVID-19 infections in parts of the United States continues to rise due to the rapidly expanding delta highly. contagious.

The unvaccinated people are mostly responsible for new deaths and hospitalizations.

Former US Surgeon General Jerome Adams posted a lengthy Twitter thread on Saturday saying he was concerned the CDC had decided on a timely mask and it was a damaging move.

“Last year [Anthony] Fawcett and I gave the wrong advice against the famous, premature and masked. I felt it was the best call ever, but now I’m sorry. As Adams writes, I’m concerned that the CDC has similarly prematurely, misinterpreted, still making damaging calls to cover up the Delta variant.

Surgeon General

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