SWAT command leader dead, by gunman in Texas

SWAT command leader dead
SWAT command leader dead

SWAT command leader dead, by gunman in Texas The leader of the SWAT commander was killed and four other officers were injured after police worked for hours with a gunman on Thursday in a small West Texas town on Thursday, officials said. Authorities said the suspect was arrested just before midnight in Levelland, about 30 miles west of Lubbock.

The impasse between the suspects and law enforcement began at about 1:00 a.m. after a person at home reported to someone likely to be on a residential street. The collision escalated rapidly, a firefight broke out when the suspect barricaded inside the house, and a dead end emerged.

 SWAT command leader dead, by gunman in Texas Three injured officers have been taken to Lubbock Hospital. A statement from the Sergeant Sheriff’s Office found that Josh Bartlett of the Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office was taken to Covent Health Levelland Hospital and died of his injuries. Bartlett was commander of the sheriff’s strategic unit.

Levelland Police Sergeant. Shawn Wilson was in critical but stable condition at Lubbock University Medical Center after surgery, Garcia said. Three other officials were treated for serious injuries and released from the hospital, he said.


Omar Soto-Chabira, 22, was injured when he was arrested at about 11.30. Police Chief Albert Garcia told reporters at a Levelland home. The suspect was taken to Lubbock Hospital for treatment, Garcia said.

Authorities used the robots to get home, and then they introduced gas that drove Soto-Chivara out of the apartment, Lubbock County Sheriff Kelly Rowe said at a news conference.

Hawkeley County Sheriff Ray Schiffres said the suspect has had contact with police. He added that Bartlett, the head of the SWB command in the Lubbock County Sheriff’s Unit, was a nine-year veteran in the department who served in the U.S. Army overseas.

SWAT command leader dead

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