Taliban Killed DW reporters relative


Taliban Killed DW reporters relative According to a German public broadcaster, a Taliban fighter shot dead a family of editors working for Deutsche Welle and seriously injured another while tracking a Western journalist.

A state-owned broadcaster said the Taliban conducted house-to-house searches in western Afghanistan to find journalists who had already fled to Germany.

According to a Deutsche Welle spokesman, the other family was able to escape at the last minute and fled

Taliban Killed DW reporters relative Broadcasting director Peter Limburg has called on the German government to do more to help Afghans who are working with Western media in the country.

“The killing of the editor’s close relatives by the Taliban yesterday is unimaginably tragic,” Limburg said.

“It is clear that the Taliban are already conducting a planned search for journalists in both Kabul and the state. Time is running out.”

Reports of retaliation against journalists affiliated with the Western media argued that Tullivan would not retaliate against recognized opponents and that the military group allowed its representatives to interview some women. .

The Taliban raided the homes of at least three journalists in the German international broadcaster Deutsche Welle in 300 languages.

Other Afghan journalists have been killed or abducted. August In August, an unidentified armed group shot and killed Tufan Omar, manager of privately owned broadcaster Paktia Ghag Radio.

On the same day, Taliban fighters abducted Nematullah Hemat, a reporter for the privately owned news channel Gharghast TV, from his family home in Lashkar Gah, south of Helmand, Reuters reported.

Amda Durahmad, a translator representing the German Die Jet newspaper, was shot dead this month in the eastern Afghan city of Jalalabad, believed to be a member of an armed Taliban group.

A female Afghan journalist who wrote anonymously for The Guardian had previously spoken to the Taliban, who fled her home and state after insulting them through journalism.

British media outlets, including the Guardian, have repeatedly called on the government to remove Afghan journalists and translators who have worked with the British media.

In Germany, the Federal Association of German Newspapers is urging the government to establish an emergency visa program for Afghan workers.

German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer said on Thursday that members of “particularly protected” Afghan society, such as journalists and human rights activists, should not apply for asylum in Germany, but should be treated like locals. He is an employee of a German government agency and was granted a three-year residency permit.

Germany, which completed its withdrawal at the end of June, has deployed about 150,000 troops in the last 20 years, and has the largest military presence in Afghanistan after the United States.

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