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Taliban take second Afghan city in 2 days

Taliban take second Afghan city in 2 days In two days, the second other state capital all fell to Afghanistan on Saturday, officials said. In the northern part of the country, Taliban attacks have surrounded several cities since the withdrawal of international troops in May.

Taliban take second Afghan city in 2 days Less than two hours after the Taliban occupied the capital of southwestern Afghanistan, Sheberghan, the capital of Jotsjan, collapsed.

Abdul Quadr Maria, Deputy Governor of Joe’s Jean, said: “There is nothing left.” On Saturday afternoon, government troops were still controlling outside Shebergan’s airport and Army headquarters.

However, many of Turkmenistan’s border areas are now under Taliban control.

The Taliban occupied the second city of Afghanistan in two days.
Despite continued US air support, the Taliban’s victory and the defeat of the Afghan government are the result of rebellious tactics that have increased and exhausted Afghan government forces.

Sheberghan has collapsed in recent months after the Taliban seized about 200 of Afghanistan’s 40,000 strange districts. Despite the region’s strong anti-Taliban base and reputation for being relatively safe, they are pushing deeper into the northern part of the country.

The Taliban fighters slammed into towns such as Shebergan and Kunduz in the north, Kandahar and Lashkar Gah in the south, and Herat in the west, and thousands of civilians were stranded in the center, turning the rebel attack into a brutal urban warfare. rice field. A desperate battle for control. Hundreds of people were killed or injured, and many were evacuated.

Sheberghan’s government forces are believed to have defeated the Taliban attack on Friday as armed groups entered the city and attempted to seize government buildings such as police headquarters and prisons. The number of civilian casualties is unknown.

Mattin Rufi, a resident of Shebergan, said: “I don’t know what will happen.”

The Taliban entered the city on Saturday and returned despite desperate efforts by security forces to protect what remained.

“Government forces have returned to two locations still under their control, the Army Brigade and the airport, to reorganize and plan for the Taliban,” said Mohammad Karim Jawzjani of the Jawzjan MP.

The birthplace of Marshal Sheberghan Abdul Rashid Dostam, a notorious military commander and former Afghan vice president who has survived the war for the past 40 years, has terminated his contract and changed power. Dustam has long gathered the same Uzbek militias who fought in the country’s civil war in the 1980s and helped overthrow the Taliban to counter the group’s recent geopolitics after the 2001 invasion of the United States. It was expected.

The town is also near Dastelairi, part of the desert where hundreds and even thousands of Taliban prisoners have been accused of killing and burying Dustam’s army since the US-led invasion in 2001. It is in.

The collapse of Sheberghan proves dishonest in dealing with the Taliban as a complement to the Afghan government forces supporting them, despite the resurrection of these same militia forces.

A few weeks later, Dustam returned from Turkey to Afghanistan, where he lived, maintained close ties and recovered from health problems. A veteran fighter has left much of his front-line responsibility to his son, Yamohammad Dustam, who appeared on social media to lead the fight against the Taliban.

On Saturday, Dostam met with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani in the capital Kabul, where Dostam assured government security forces his continued support.

Defense ministry spokesman Fawad Aman tweeted on Saturday that the Afghan Air Force targeted a Taliban “rally” in Shebergen and killed more than 200 fighters, but his tweet did not mention the occupation of the city. rice field.

The battlefield militia is part of a kaleidoscope of armed groups that are regaining power as the US military attempts to complete its withdrawal by the end of August and the Afghan government attempts to occupy the territory. The return of the militia is a cool return to the 1990s when the same armed group brutalized civilians and then a racist civil war helped the birth of the Taliban.

The collapse of the Chebergan means that the Taliban will be able to move

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