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Tess Holliday Calls Out Trash Beach Body

Tess Holliday Calls Out ‘Trash’ Beach Body In 2021, you’ll find that even pubs like The Enquirer collect their shit and criticize the human body is a complete trash. But as model Tess Holliday said, they are still selling a lot and benefiting from it.

“I voted for the worst sea body this year,” said Holiday, who was embarrassed by fans on social media, writing about her fight against mental health and her ongoing relationship with body image and physical positivity. .. “The 50 Best and Worst Beach Agencies of the Year.”


Tess Holliday Calls Out ‘Trash’ Beach Body  Holiday Mag showed some of the pages he and Goldie were on, as well as other “worst bodies” such as Kurt Russell, Janice Dickinson, and Katie Holmes.

The caption next to the holiday says, “She blows. 36-year-old Tess Holiday is not ashamed to keep a whale on the beach. Write something very disgusting about others for money. Can you fully understand for a moment? Is it someone’s real job? ”

Makeup artists said it was annoying because people are still expressing “this kind of trash”. He added that he made him laugh because “I’m hot”.

“They used last year’s photos,” explained Holiday. “Last month, we made FOIIIINE look like hell in a string bikini, including some recent photos (swipe), and made the latest” not hot “content available. Mom wore a bright red bikini and she shared some pictures of herself, who are still beautiful and confident.



The holiday said, “It was hot last year as well. When the’celebrity’broke mental health, the media was always shocked, but they continued to have unrealistic physical values ​​and a food that was toxic to all of us. It imposes culture. ”


Holiday announced earlier this year that it suffered from anorexia nervosa and decided to stop thinking from the general public that “very underweight people can have anorexia nervosa.” I told you.

A fat worker wrote on Twitter: “I’m healthy with anorexia nervosa … I’m the fruit of thinness and a culture that values ​​it, but now I write my account I can finally take care of it. I have been punished for a lifetime and I am finally free. ”

It is important that people like Holiday say such nonsense on such a big platform and let people suffering from body image know they are enough. A tabloid that decides “the beach isn’t ready” doesn’t mean anything.

Her model commented on her decision to print this type of garbage: Swimsuit: Do it, “he said. “You just get life, and we make it the most childish !!!”

Tess Holliday Calls Out ‘Trash’ Beach Body

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