Texas Democrats urge Biden to exercise his voting right in protest of state law

Texas Democrats
Texas Democrats

Texas Democrats  in the House of Representatives in Texas stood in front of the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington on Tuesday, and after blocking GOP-sponsored voting in Texas, they felt repressed. Lawmakers have called on Congressman and President Biden to work for the protection of suffrage across the country.

Biden will address the issue in Pennsylvania after Tuesday.

Texas Democrats More than 50 Democrats arrived in Washington on Monday night with two-thirds of the 150-member body needed for a quorum to conduct the vote from the Texas House.

Republican Gov. Greg Abbott has threatened to arrest lawyers after forcing them to return to Texas. The current extraordinary session on the ballot ends in August, and Abbott promised to hold an “extraordinary session” at the end of a “special session” to finally force lawyers to take action.

“Lyndon Johnson’s Moment” is needed
Texas law will remove some of the provisions introduced after the coronavirus epidemic to make it easier for voters to vote. It prohibits pass-by voting and allows observers of biased voting.

Texas Democrats

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